Questions You Must Ask

Dan Kennedy goes back, way back…can you believe this?

This November he celebrates his 40th year in marketing with a “party” at his annual Info-Summit. I’m sending Jeff from ETR because I want someone from our team to hear from the $600 million dollar man, Jake Steinfeld (the keynote speaker).

 I’ve been going to Kennedy events since 2007. Some are good, others bad. I have high hopes for this one, mostly because it will be good networking, and because ETR is starting to work closely with GKIC on some promotions. (More details soon…)

In the meantime, Kennedy has some questions for you. You need to be specific with your answers, just like you need to be specific with your goals.

“When a man is not achieving what he would like, it is because his goals are not clearly enough defined.” – Paul J. Meyer

I know first-hand that verbally articulating your specific goals to other positive people can help you achieve exactly what you want in life.

Similarly, properly articulating the exact type of customer you want to attract will help you build a business based around the right people.
Today, Kennedy’s questions dig in and get you to come up with that specific vision. Answer these:

1) Who am I for?

There must be a best someone that you are for…someone that is fascinated with you and the expertise that you have. Who is that person?

2) What are you about?

What role do you play in their lives? Are you just someone who tries to sell them something? Or are you there to give them hope? It’s a big difference between the two of those descriptions.

3) Are you engaged in interesting communication? With a specific tone? Does your copy “ring true” for your audience?

How can you attract ideally matched customers, who know instantly that they’ve found exactly what they hoped they would find with you, your place, your approach, your goods and services?

That’s the mindset and mood you are after.

Your 10-minute task is to answer those questions.

Go get it by being specific,

Craig Ballantyne
“If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.” – Henry Ford