It’s on again

Ever since I was a young boy, all I wanted to do was read and learn.

I didn’t want a J-O-B or a boss or set schedule.

Listen, I don’t mind working – in fact I love the pride in a job well done and the pleasure from finishing an article or product and looking at it like it’s a piece of art in my Body of Work.

But I just don’t like AVERAGE.

Hate everything about it.

And so for the past three decades I’ve been designing my life to live it on MY OWN TERMS. It’s a beautiful thing.

Today I make money – GOOD money – doing what I want to do – and nothing else.

Frankly, I am no one’s “slave”. And never will be again. It’s an amazing feeling to have total control of my life, income, and schedule.

Today I’m on a flight  to Miami, where I’ll be coaching over 45 online business experts that invest up to $1800 per month for my advice.

All because of my life’s work.

But if you can’t invest that much in our IN-person coaching programs, I have GREAT news for you.

The Virtual Mastermind limited enrollment is ON again, but not for long.

And NO, it’s not $1800 per month. It’s a fraction of that investment.

It is, as Virtual Mastermind member Craig Leonard described it, as “The best investment you’ll make all year.”

You you can have access to EVERYTHING I’ve learned about building an Internet business if you are a Virtual Mastermind member. It’s my life’s work, and includes my most recent program, the Complete Life Transformation Kit (includes fast-start guides on Goal Setting and Time Management – plus a PERSONAL coaching video).

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Life is good…when you have access to my life’s work.

Take control of your life today,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – This is no joke.

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