It All Starts With Traffic

If you’re getting 20 leads a week now from AdWords, it’s hard to imagine what 200 leads a week would look like. From your current perspective, it would probably look just like 20, except 10 times more.

But when volume and velocity and quality of traffic increase, lots of things change. Big time.

You can get much pickier about the leads you accept as clients. You can create hurdles to prescreen and prequalify, and to give you the power and authority in the relationship. You can create waiting lists to generate the perception of great demand. You can raise your prices. If you sell products, you can start to source them at a cheaper rate. You can negotiate deals with your suppliers. You can increase your profit margins.

What all this means is that you make more money while expending less of your life energy (time and emotional angst) to get it.

When you understand your prospects, and what keywords they search for, and what they want when they’re searching, and how to engage them in your ads and landing pages – you start a process that can end with you being the biggest player in your market.

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Pay-per-click ads are just one of the many elements of a successful online business.

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