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A big thank you to today…it’s been almost one year since I started and Internet Marketing for Beginners and this year has been a roller coaster ride of chasing my dream…

…which was accomplished in July after an urgent trip down to Florida to seal-the-deal on the purchase.

I hope you are as excited as I am for 2012. There is so much opportunity in the world for you…I promise you, there is.

Don’t get addicted to the negative news media…there’s nothing you can do about 99% of the news anyway.

So keep yourself focused on what you can control and change, and that is YOUR financial future.

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Starting with today’s QnA session, of course. (And don’t miss a success story at the end of today’s email…from a personal friend of mine.)

Question: Dear Craig, I became a new subscriber yesterday to your Financial Independence Monthly along with the bonus materials regarding the building of an international internet business.

Just as an aside, I found out about your intro video via Robert Ringer’s site. I have been reading and benefiting from his books long before the internet even existed.

Anyway, I have had the opportunity to read through the materials provided and have a challenging question for you.

I hope you don’t think I’m being terribly naive, but other than having a basic knowledge on how to browse the internet to find information etc., I really don’t have any knowledge of setting up a web site or any of the other numerous things probably required to help me get started.

Yes, believe it or not there are still business owners like myself out there who are used to the old fashioned ways of doing things.

Unless I’m missing a piece to the puzzle, I get the impression you are making the assumption that potential subscribers already have a basic knowledge of setting up and running a web business. I am not even familiar with some of the terms you are using.

Please forgive me, but it seems to me that this is akin to telling someone about all the fun and exciting things they could do on a back country camping trip assuming they already have purchased and know how to properly use a backpack, tent, cooking utensils, sleeping bag & fishing pole.

I am a successful financial and estate planner with clients all over the United States. Although, I may not appear to be the right candidate for your information, I think I could still benefit successfully and profitably from the materials only if I did indeed possess the information you assume I already have.

Please let me know where I can acquire this rudimentary information in order to get to the point I can understand and benefit from the information you provide.

Please forgive an old fuddy dud and thanks very kindly in advance for your kindness help and consideration. – Dave

Answer: Hi Dave, thank you for your question.

The truth is that you don’t need to know any of this stuff.

After all, do you think Donald Trump built this site?

Of course not. He doesn’t have a clue how to build websites.

But he knows how to tell people to build a website that suits his goals.

And that’s what you’ll need to do.

You can hire people for reasonable amounts via sites like:

Or perhaps you can hire a local teenager or college kid. They know how to set up sites. They are born with this hard-wired in these days.

What you need to focus on is your business strategy.

Just as you don’t do all the admin work in your office (I’ll bet there are many things your executive assistant does in your business that you have NO IDEA how to do), you don’t need to do all of the work on your website business.

In fact, never forget this…Ballantyne’s Law states:

“The more technical expertise you have about such things as wordpress, shopping carts, etc., the LESS money you’ll make”.

The guys I know who are making 7-figures with their website business have little idea what’s going on with their websites.

They know what CAN be done, and they know what they want to be done, but they have no idea HOW it is done.

Instead, they hire someone else to deal with the how, and they focus on the big ideas that will make them $$$.

So turn your tech weakness into a strength by NOT ever trying to improve your tech weakness, and instead delegate the tech tasks to someone else.

After all, tech help is manual labor.

Looking forward to your follow-up questions.

Question: Hello Craig, I was hoping you would be able to suggest a small list of books one should read when getting started.

I am looking for a well rounded combo in all areas of development but especially one in the company vision and goal setting category. Thanks in advance. – Scott

Answer: Hi Scott, please check out:

Good to Great – by Jim Collins


Mastering the Rockefeller Habits – by Verne Harnish


Finally, I want to leave you with a success story from my buddy Rick Porter. He started from scratch and is now not only a business partner and motivational example to all my other clients, but he’s a great friend as well.

Let’s hear from Rick on how he’s achieved his American Dream and financial independence thanks to the Internet:

My Success

By Rick Porter

After my first 6 months of internet marketing I had not made any money, was burnt out, and very discouraged. What I didn’t realize at the time is that in that 6 months I learned the equivalency of a college education in something you cannot even get a degree in yet.

I was determined to make money online so I took everything I learned in those first 6 months and started a brand new website on December 9th of 2009. I decided to promote a much higher priced product that was geared towards a different type of person – it was Craigs TT Bootcamp product that sold for $197 and $97 with a 75% commission. I figured if I could make a couple sales with that I would be doing alright.

I started a brand new blog, wrote articles, submitted articles to networks to get backlinks to my articles and did everything I learned in those first 6 months but with a new site, new product, and new outlook. In 6 weeks the website was making over $500 a week and then after a few months it was making over $1000 a week. It was amazing. Internet marketing really did work! But, I nearly quit right as I was on the edge of success. I had no idea that in 6 short weeks I was going to suddenly turn the corner.

That simple website that I started 2 years ago has now made close to 100k on its own in the last 2 years from that initial 2 months of work I did. 2 months work = 100K. Not a bad return on investment for time!

Since then I started more websites, mastered SEO, started an SEO business, Online reputation management business, and traveled to mastermind meetings to network and speak about SEO. 2 years ago in December I was making ZERO. Now I’m bringing in multiple six figures from different online businesses.

As I started my new site I had a lot of questions for Craig. I emailed him and couldn’t believe it when he actually responded to me and wrote back giving me guidance and help. Craig has been an enormous part of the explosive growth of my business in the last 2 years. I’ve now tried to emulate part of his own generosity by also helping others and trying to take people under my wing so to speak.

Without his help it would have taken me much longer to get where I am now, and I may at some point given up trying. Never give up. You never know if you are about to break that final barrier to hit massive success. I’m a believer in internet marketing, it works.”



Looking forward to helping over 10000 people achieve Internet Independence in 2012.

Happy New Year.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne

Overnight success is something that I’ll never promise anyone. However, action taken every day is a habit that I’ll guarantee will bring you success in time.