Internet Lifestyle

I’m excited.

First, because I love Christmas time. Still get excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning on the farm.

And second, I’m thankful to be writing to you from Florida. I’ve been staying with Joel Marion, celebrating a pre-Christmas party with one my best friends and his amazing family.

He and I have much gratitude for the Internet Lifestyle. We are very lucky men to be able to grow our businesses while wearing shorts and working just a few feet from the ocean at his incredible mansion in St. Pete’s, Florida.

But luck is generated by hard work meeting opportunity, right?

It certainly is.

Joel works harder than everyone I know in the industry, even harder than Bedros and myself. Joel is a lifelong student of marketing, and despite his early success, he’s not the type to coast. It’s all about getting better.

But, like you, he started out doing the wrong things and making plenty of mistakes, until he networked with the right people and started to get coaching. He became a client of mine back in 2008. The rest is history.

He launched his first product and made $300K in 3 days. But listen, no one is an overnight success. He spent two years struggling and trying to figure things out on his own, often working 12 hours a day without results.

Everyone goes through this. Don’t worry.

You’ll struggle, succeed, reach a pinnacle, go through some dips, and deal with it all. Such is business, such is life.

It’s why you must have much gratitude and celebrate your victories.

Recently, I had a very success Home Workout Revolution re-launch. Not only did I make a lot of sales, but I discovered a BIG IDEA that I need to exploit much more in my business. It’s going to lead to an even better re-launch in 2014.

After the promo, ol’ Bally the Dog and I shared his/my/our gratitude with the TT Team in the email below. We want you to appreciate it as well.

By Craig Ballantyne & Bally the Dog

First, a thank you. This is the most fun I’ve had with one of my own product launches in a long, long time. I’m really sad it’s over. Well, almost over. There’s time for one more email and then you’ll get the final results of the contest Friday morning. Remember there are NO exceptions to our hard deadline of midnight, EST, tonight.

Make sure your readers know that there is no fooling around with The Godfather. When he sets a deadline, it’s literal.

I can only hope that our TT 2.0 re-launch, running from Dec. 31st to January 2nd, will be half as much fun. The Publishing Partner Contest was a great idea, and we’re going to do it again for TT 2.0…but there will be even more prizes and incentives, I promise.

You’ve earned it – and you’ve made some incredible commissions this week.

Proud of you for how far you’ve come since Day 1. And 2014? Look out. You are going to make some serious money and the amazing Internet Lifestyle will be yours. I promise you, this is the greatest ‘job’ in the world.

Keep on pushing to make your dreams come true.

And now for the FINAL sales update…

By 6am we had crushed 1,000 sales. At 11am we passed 1200. And as I write this, with just over 10 hours to go, we are at 1,401 front-end sales, and over 1,000 of those have come from affiliates like you, so thank you!

2,000 is the magic number. We can do it. Remember the GOLD RUSH happens between 6pm and midnight. There will be an extra $250 bonus and 1 email to my full list to the person that makes the 2,000th sale.

If you want to be in on MAXIMUM commissions, and finishing in the best possible place you can in the contest, then you must send at least one email after 5pm.

After all, you are serious about building your business, right? And helping people, yes? And achieving the freedom that Bedros and I have to design our lives down to the very last detail, including where and when we work, and who we work with? (I.e. amazing people like you!)

Anything is possible. Not only in this launch, but in life.

Look at how far you’ve come. You’re not going to stop now.

Onwards – hard – to the finish line.

Enjoy the deadline sales. Track and test your efforts. Learn big lessons from the emails you send, when you send them, what connects with your readers, what causes sales, what gets them riled up, and what makes them take action.

The success of this promo came from emails that I first sent for a Roman promo and then for CT-50. I recognized how well my readers responded to the “Better than ___” message, and I realized right there I needed to use that message for my own workouts.

It’s probably something you should use too…

…because it enters the conversation in the readers mind.

They’ve heard about other programs…and they see ours and think, “Meh, so what’s the difference? Why are these any better than the ones I see on TV?” And so you have to answer that.

That’s the TOUGHEST question you will ever ask in your business, but you must have a good reason to exist.

Let that get you thinking for your own promos…What do you have to stand up against or comment on? What’s the #1 objection people have to your offer? And how can you turn that into sales instead of an issue?

Big lesson! Take it to heart…put it to paper…and turn it into money!

Dang I’m getting fired up…really inspired by this launch. Thanks again…I’ll stop now, let you get your email cued up (don’t forget to push your bonus), and we’ll head over to Bally the Dog to take us through the HWR Pub Partner Affiliate Leader Board.

#1) Mikey “Why sure, I’ll let Bally lick the syrup off my empty pancake plate” Wooofffield – Continuing his domination…he smells 200 sales and a bonus. Launch Finisher engaged! Push to the end, push that bonus.

#2) Chris “The Big Dawg with Lots of Puppies” Lopez – Big Bark-out to the KB man for owning 2nd place. It’s now a battle with himself to see how big he wants his commissions to be so that he can buy all his puppies some great gifts for Christmas.

#3) Shawna “The Info Mama Bear-Hen-Dog blowing by everyone on the outside…” – Does she have the energy to hang on & beat Dan Long? Can she catch Lopez? Stranger things have happened…she practically sat out Day 1 of the launch…so maybe she has 2nd place in her sights?

#4) Dan “Almost as much energy as a young Bally the Pup” Long – Literally just ONE sale behind Shawna…that’s it. ONE SALE separates Dan from the coveted 3rd place and that extra special mailing. You know that Dan is a BIG DAWG and has more fight in him than 100 normal men…you think he’s going to go quietly? No, of course not. He’s not physically capable of going quietly…but I know he is a Tough Mudder and has his sites set on at least 3rd…if not a run at 2nd!!!

#5) “Two-Dog” Dani Woodrum – He’s after that bonus cash and promotion because he knows what it’s like to have hungry dog mouths to feed. They don’t stop eatin…and they don’t stop poopin’, so Dani won’t stop promotin!!! All while gearing up for his big 2,000 customer promo of his own starting right after the HWR expires.

Bally the Dog wags his tail for all of you and offers you his belly for scratching out of respect for your hard work!

Don’t forget, you’re all still in the fight for the 2,000th sale bonus…let’s hit it.

Team Ruckus, Team Turbulence, Team “I love petting Bally the Dog”…It’s time to put it all on the line.

You know how great the HWR program is…you know this is the 1st product to change the fitness info industry in 2013…and that it inspired your amazing video products as well…so let’s dial it in, and give a little gratitude to the HWR system, and take it to the finish line.

Woof-woof, wag-wag, bark-bark,

Bally the Dog (& ol’ CB, The Godfather, Craig Ballantyne, CTT)
“Make your business AND doing business with you FUN!” – Yanik Silver, Maverick Business Rule #31