Internet Independence Success Story Builds Million Dollar Business

This is amazing. I met this guy on Wednesday. He was one of our attendees at the Las Vegas 1-Day Mastermind. His success story will blow you away.

His name is Mike Linares and he has a million dollar website business solving problems for nurses. I’m impressed! Here’s Mike…

“Four years ago I had a dream to own my own online business & travel the world, but I was working like a dog for $13 an hour and doing 12 hours shifts as a paramedic in Southern California.

“I was frustrated with work and ready to take action. I had the ‘whatever it takes’ mindset to get to my goal of having an automated online business so that I could have freedom & fulfill my dream of world travel.

“The only problem was that I did not know where to start, so I downloaded Craig’s free Internet Independence guide on how to build a $100,000 a year Info Business in 12 months.

“I’ll be honest…I thought this was IMPOSSIBLE! I remember thinking to myself “If I made ½ of that I would be happy!”.

“After taking action and working my butt off, my site,, has become the #1 Youtube Channel and Student Nurse success site for the struggling nursing student.

“In 2013 (my 1st year) I made $350K (350% higher than Craig promised in his $100K Blueprint!). In 2014 I am on track to do $1.4 million.

“Craig, thank you for your guidance! While I had the passion, dedication, and right mindset, I did not have the know how. Thank you for your help.” – Mike Linares,
Happy to help, Mike. The world rewards Action Takers like you.

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Your time has come,

Craig Ballantyne

Be like Mike.

Take Action.

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