Interesting Trend in the Advertising World

Dear Early to Rise Reader, Last Monday, The USA Today reported on an interesting trend in the advertising world. Many of the world’’s biggest and most successful companies, the paper reported, are now turning to direct-marketing (which they call the “ugly step-child” of the advertising world), instead of traditional, glitzy, Madison Avenue ad agencies.

They’’re doing this for one reason: To get more bang for their advertising buck. I was talking about this fact a few days ago with Katie Yeakle, a colleague of mine in the direct marketing business. She told me about a good opportunity you might want to take advantage of, to capitalize on this profitable trend. This could possibly be a way for you to make more money in a few hours of part-time work each week than you currently earn in your full-time day job. The money-making potential is that good.

Let me show you what I’’m talking about… Katie has been in the direct-marketing business for the past 19 years, and she runs a company in South Florida called the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI). You may remember MMF or me mentioning Katie and AWAI before, in reference to their course on how to become a direct-marketing copywriter (I’’m a graduate of the course myself).

Simply put, AWAI’s course is the single best resource ever published on the subject. Now, Katie and her organization have put together a home-study course detailing a completely different way for you to earn a very good income in the direct-marketing industry. It has nothing to do with writing or selling–in fact, I’’d say it’s probably the “easiest” and one of the quickest ways to make a lot of money in this growing, but overlooked field.

As the USA Today reported earlier in the week, “Direct-marketing ad expenditures grew in a tough economy last year, while traditional ad spending shrank. Sales generated from direct marketing rose 9% to $1.86 trillion in 2001, generating 8.6% of the U.S. economy–and direct ad agencies are often more profitable than general ad shops.” My point is, now is a great time to be in this business. If you can learn a valuable skill in this industry, you will set yourself up to be a high-paid entrepreneur–or salaried employee–for as long as you want to work.

I think it’’s great that direct marketing is the “ugly step-child” of the ad industry. All it means is that there’’s less competition for the best-paying jobs. Katie told me there’’s a huge demand for people who can learn this new skill. And I personally know and work with more than a dozen colleagues who are already doing it–and making obscene amounts of money–without ever leaving their homes.


Mike Palmer

Early to Rise