INSTANT Stress Relief! Follow My 4-Minute Yoga Sequence

Tension can invade every inch of your body wreaking havoc on your goals.

Your shoulders grow stiff as they hunch up toward your ears and your jaw clenches rigidly.

Your chest tightens and pressure mounts as your heart pounds with every passing thought of how overwhelmed you are. Your mind strains for clarity but you only feel more jumbled.

You’re anxious, worried, wired, yet tired.

You’re totally stressed!

You need INSTANT relief… And I have it!

Here’s a 4-minute Yoga Sequence that will INSTANTLY dissolve your stress. Your shoulders will melt; your jaw will soften; your heart will relax and beat to the soothing rhythm of your breath as your mind is transformed to a state of calm, clear energy!

Read through these simple cues then follow the video posted below!

  • Begin in Child’s Pose: Take 3 Deep Breaths
  • Inhale forward pulling chest over hands then exhale pressing back to Child’s Pose: Repeat 3 times
  • Inhale forward then Exhale and press back into Downward Facing Dog Pose: Hold for 3 breaths
  • Inhale forward to High Plank Pose: Hold for 1 long round of breath
  • Exhale press back to Downward Facing Dog Pose then walk feet toward hands for Forward Fold Pose
  • Ground through your feet, soften your knees and place hands on opposite elbows to hang in Rag Doll Pose: Take 3 Deep Breaths
  • Slowly uncoil your spine finding Tadasana: Mountain Pose
  • Inhale arms overhead. Exhale into a Side Bend to the right. Inhale arms overhead. Exhale into a Side Bend to the left. Repeat once more for each side
  • Exhale into Forward Fold. Step back to Low Lunge with right leg; sink the hip forward and Inhale arms overhead. Exhale hands to the floor then step to Forward Fold. Repeat on the left.
  • From low lunge, transition back into Child’s Pose. Finish with 3 Deep Breaths.

Click here to follow along with me

This simple sequence is all it takes to signal to your mind and body that all will be okay. With a relaxed yet clear state of mind you will be able to proceed with your day — amazed at how quickly you shifted from totally frazzled to alert, energized, and ready to take on the day!