3 Tips To Improve Your Website

I’m tail deep (as Bally the Dog would say) in prep work for this weekend’s ETR Traffic and Conversion event in Denver, so over to my best Armenian friend, Bedros Keuilian, for a guest post on what’s working in websites.

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Alright, over to Bedros…

3 Proven Tips for Your Website

If you have a website for your business then you most likely want it to do two very specific things…

1. Make you money – get you clients and customers.

2. Get you leads, prospects, and email opt ins.

Only problem is that most websites do little to get sales and leads.

So I thought I’d share with you a case study of a website re-design that got Shawna Kaminski, one of our Mastermind members, 320% better site conversions…

…basically giving her more of what she wanted… sales.

I’ll show you her site in just a moment so you can see for yourself.

Now, there are three things that have the highest impact on your website and it’s ability to drive sales & conversion.

#1) The headline.

Anytime someone finds your site whether it’s through a Google search, from a pay per click ad, or from an email broadcast, the VERY FIRST thing that’s going to get their attention is the headline.

If your website is lacking a strong headline, then you’re likely going to lose that site visitor within the first five seconds.

Great headlines are compelling, often times make a specific promise, and usually have the #1 benefit of the product or program within it.

#2) Dramatic demonstration of proof.

We’re a skeptical bunch these days…

People want to see PROOF that your program does what you claim it does.

Yeah, social proof is fine – things like before and after pictures, written testimonials, and even Facebook “likes” give some level of proof.

However nothing says dramatic demonstration of proof like a well shot and edited video.

In just a second I’ll show you how a simple 39 second video that Shawna added to her sales site boosted the site’s stick rate and conversion.

This is something you can easily do for your site, too.

#3) The first 400 words (the “lead”).

The first 400 words of any sales copy is critical, this includes the headline and the opening of the website copy.

Like I said earlier, the headline is king.

People decide if they’re going to stay or bounce off your site based on your headline…

…but if they choose to stay, then the next 400 words will dictate if they buy, opt-in or bounce.

Okay, now you know what three things to look for when you’re studying Shawna’s new sales site (headline, dramatic demonstration of proof, and the first 400 words) –  You can see her new site here: www.ChallengeWorkouts.com.

And be sure to watch the 39 second video on this page – it’s actually a pretty amazing video and a GREAT example of dramatic demonstration of proof.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. And if you’re into challenging yourself…

…to build a better website business, than you need to attend the small-group Mastermind Meeting that we’re having in Nashville on Friday, Nov. 9th.

If you want to join us (limited to 6 people), email my super-assistant Frankie at: Frankie@Keuilian.com.

Thanks Big B, I owe you for taking over today.

Back to work,

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