Video Podcast: Seriously Important


That’s how many podcast interviews I’ve now done this year.

Some of them have been lame, most have been ‘good enough’, and then some of them have been awesome, like this one.

The young man who interviewed me is determined to make millions with his podcast, and he put an extraordinary amount of work into being prepared for the call and turning it into not only a iTunes download, but also a great YouTube video.

Craig video ss

Here’s a summary of the show…and don’t miss the part where I call him out for making a BIG mistake in his personal life.

Enjoy! – Craig

How To Have A Perfect Day

The show is kicked off with Craig explaining that the perfect day isn’t something that happens when you’re living in a world of being reactive.

Human nature is that we want to take the easy way out” – Craig Ballantyne

Craig then shares the importance of planning 3 years a head. It’s long enough that incredible things can happen but not far enough that it becomes a washy washy dream with hazy steps to achieve it.

“What I do recommend is that is that people do have a very clear and concise vision of where they’re going to end up 3 years from now” – Craig Ballantyne

The show is wrapped up with Craig describing the the process of ‘clearing the path for success’ and how it can help salespeople do those jobs that they hate doing which they need to complete if they’re to become successful.


If you’re going to start a podcast, you need to study this young man’s approach.

He has great guests, too, including my friend, Tucker Max.

Bottom line: Whatever you are serious about, take it seriously!

Talk soon when I get back from my trip to Europe,

Craig Ballantyne

This is your one and only life. Know exactly what you want to achieve, and then make the right decisions, right now, to live your life by design, and not by default. Practice what you preach. Take Action on what you teach.

Craig Ballantyne

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