How To Identify Opportunity

I’m always disappointed when great marketers like Frank Kern and John Reese stop writing emails.

But I can’t blame them. They’ve found easier ways to make money without all the headaches that come from being an IM superstar (then again, they are often to blame for those headaches…).

Back when he was still releasing content, Reese and Andy Jenkins shared some great tips on How to Identifying Opportunities to (finally) make some money with your online business.

1)    Instead of chasing new opportunity all the time, focus on taking what’s already working and make it better

80% of your sales come from 20% of your efforts, so isolate the 20% and do MORE of what is WORKING.  That’s why you must be tracking and reviewing analytics.

2)    In today’s market you don’t need a USP, but a UCP – Unique Connection Point

How do you connect with clients in a way that is different from competitors? You need to be more patient, understanding, and empathetic to build connection and affinity with your market.

3)    A BIG mistake people make is thinking untapped market is best place to go

But the fast track to success is picking busy markets where the action already is. Take a look at Nick Pineault’s recent success. You see, niche products that tap into bigger markets is where the money is. Find out what your user search behaviors are and reverse engineer offers to exploit this opportunity.

4)    Mindset

A lot of what drives us to take action is when our backs are against the wall. If you want to accelerate your money and business to grow, you need to envision something that you don’t currently have in your life that you want, and then reverse engineer the numbers of what it would take to buy the item (or pay off the debt, if that is the case).

Adding to that is Dave Kekich, says in Kekich Credo #21:

“Always have lofty explicit goals and visualize them intensely. Assume the attitude that if you don’t reach your goals, you will literally die! This type of gun-to-your-head forced focus…survival pressure mindset, no matter how briefly used, stimulates your mind, forces you to use your time effectively…and illuminates new ways of getting things done.”

John Reese and Andy Jenkins continued on…

…with their Simple Success Formula…

  •     Identify a problem in your niche market.
  •     Create a product that solves it.
  •     Make sure the solution has a Big Idea/Hook.
  •     Market it with personality.
  •     Build an entourage of raving clients.

Of course, you might need to start at an even more basic level than that, by asking yourself these questions:

Who is Your Who?
What is your Unique Ability?
“What problem do people have and what solution am I offering?”
What info product can you create that sets you apart from all the other info products out there right now?
What niche can you dominate?

These questions are worth visiting every 6 months, or even every quarter.

Most important is taking your Tipping Point idea and differentiating it. I’ll soon teach you more about that.

Get out there and dominate,

Craig Ballantyne

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Time waits for no man or woman, and neither does opportunity.

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