Craig-Hulk REALLY mad now.

Friend find stolen picture of Craig-Hulk on kettlebell box.

Craig-Hulk never say OK to use Craig-Hulk photo.

Also hate fake black tank-top put on Craig-Hulk.

Make Craig-Hulk look like ballet-Hulk.


Craig-Hulk take out anger in SMASH workout.

Here go Craig-Hulk-SMASH workout finisher.

1) Pumpkin Smash – 10 reps
2) Goblin Squat – 20 reps
3) Spiderman Pushups – 10 reps per side
4) Car Toss or Kettlebell Swing – 20 reps
5) Burpees – 10 reps

Craig-Hulk do 3 times. Maybe 5 times. Craig-Hulk no good count.

You try. You do. You good. You SMASHZ fatz.

Joel-Hulk say workout burn fat for two day.

Joel tell you why on page 9 here:

==> This weird MRT trick burns fat for TWO days



PS – Joel-Hulk say Last Chance for 24-7 fat loss report.

You get here:

Hulk Fat Loss Secrets

You get more results. Turn green.

Rip shirt and pants.

Look crazy.

Okay, maybe not turn green, rip clothes, look crazy.

But lose fatz, yes. Joel-Hulk promise. So you get.

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