HUGE Product Launch Secrets Revealed…(How to Sell 20,000 Books!)

This is the best time of the month. First, it’s like New Year’s Day, 11 extra times a year. A chance to start fresh. Even better when it’s near the beginning of the week.


Happy December 1st.

You could just as easily change your life today as you can on New Year’s Day…

“New opportunity is matter of choice not calendar,” says my mentor, Dan Kennedy.


Don’t wait.

If there is something big you want to change in your life, start NOW. Make progress towards your BIG goals and dreams today. Don’t quit on 2015 just because it’s holiday time.

Besides, you need to be working on making January the BIGGEST month your online business has ever seen.

For 90% of Internet Independence readers, January is going to be your best sales month. This is when you need to have your product launch – or at least some type of massive sale.

We have FIVE big sales planned across my business – with two coaching programs, my book launch (!), the re-release of our best selling DVDs, and an experimental test launch of a new sales angle for a struggling product.

And it’s time for YOU to plan your BIG product launch right now, too.

Fortunately, we (you, me, and my team) have plenty of success stories to model. For example, there’s the cookbook launch we just did that sold over 20,000 copies of Chef Gui’s Eat More, Burn More cookbook.

How did we do it?

The same way you’re going to do it!

Here’s the Product Launch Formula for You

1) It starts with an irresistible offer.

2) Then you need a big HOOK in your sales copy.

3) It must include an awesome upsell flow.

4) Then you need to write 5 emails using my Low-Priced Launch system.

My trademarked system goes like this:

a)    The Thank You, It’s Here, Just Like You Asked For email

b)   The Fast Action Bonus deadline email

c)    The AWESOME free content email

d)   The morning Deadline Day fun email

e)    The late afternoon Deadline Day reminder email

f)     And if you’re feeling frisky, send a 3rd Deadline Day evening action email

BOOM! goes the sales dynamite.

5) Now you can take your stats to affiliates and watch your global paid sales commission team send you hundreds – or even THOUSANDS – of new customers and tons of profit…

…all while you sleep (or better, as you continue to test, improve, and enhance the profitability of your product launch).

This is the exact formula that master marketers, Tyler Bramlett, Bedros Keuilian, and I revealed at our Info Workshop a couple of weeks ago in California.

Now Bedros and I are taking the Launch Formula show on the road once more.

This time we’ll be teaching 10 elite experts, like yourself, in a small group Mastermind in Miami, Florida.

Your one and only chance to get this formula handed to you on a silver platter is to be in that room.

We’ll teach you everything you need to get your product up and running and launched in just 28 days so that you can be making sales at the BEST time of year.

Now there’s only one problem. We’ve been talking about this for a few weeks now, and we even have some folks from California coming back for Round 2 (because they want more one-on-one hot seat time – and we’ll give that to them and you in the afternoon of the 1-day Mastermind in Miami).

So there are already four seats taken… and just six remain. This is going out to about 10,000 folks today, and Bedros will soon be packing the rest of the room when he emails his list of 60,000 gurus.

That means if you want to be there and learn the exact details of the MASSIVE launch formula, you need to apply now.

Click here to reserve your spot at the Launch Formula Mastermind in Miami

We’ll get you up and launching in 28 days or less (just 21 days if you already have your product created, and 14 days if you’ve already written your sales copy!).

So let’s go.

Don’t wait for January 1st to change your life.

Take action today.

Get Access to the Launch Formula Mastermind in Miami

See you in Sunny Florida soon,

Craig Ballantyne

Work on your #1 priority for 15 minutes first thing in the morning, six days per week. Do NOT get distracted. Do NOT procrastinate. Do NOT let anything get in the way of progress on your big goals and dreams every day.