How to Write Your Copy BEFORE You Create the Product

This might sound like something Benjamin Button would do. It seems totally backwards, but trust me, it works.

Before you create your product, you need to figure out how to sell it first.

Let’s continue our online money-making checklist with copywriting…

Step #3 – Create Your Sales Copy Before You Create Your Product

Here’s why you should create your sales copy before you create your product. One of the biggest mistakes we see is people spending months and months (or even years!) on a product only to find out that no one wants to buy it. If you’ve filmed video or invested money in creating the wrong product for your market, that’s time and money you can never get back.

The solution is to create your copy first so that you figure out what really matters to your prospect. You want to create a product that they deeply desire. It’s easy to sell someone a product they want. It’s tougher to sell someone something you think they need – especially if they don’t want it!

Here’s what you must do to start creating your copy.

Research Your Market

It helps to know as much as possible about your BEST prospect before you create the product. What is their age, gender, income level, employment status, are they liberal or conservative, what are the biggest problems in their life, what would make their life easier, and what do they WANT?

Write 30 Benefits

Once you have a specific prospect in mind, you will write up 30 benefits that the prospect wants from your solution. You will need to use the Bedros Keuilian “so that” method to dig deep into emotional benefits. For example, if you are trying to sell a massage chair to men over the age of 60, here’s an easy benefit that comes to mind:

The chair will ease your back pain after a long day at work.

That’s a good start…but we need to add so that in order to get to a deeper emotional benefit that will get them to take action.

The chair will ease your back pain after a long day at work so that you will not be grumpy or short-tempered and instead will enjoy your evenings, have a wonderful, no-argument dinner with your family, and be looked upon as the kind, gentleman of the house that you deserve to be.

You need to remember that everyone buys a product for a deeper benefit than just the “thing” that the product delivers. We buy a new golf club not just to hit the ball farther, but to brag about hitting the ball farther. We buy a nice house not just to stay warm and dry, butto be proud of ourselves for being able to support our family and be a pillar of our community. We buy because of our emotions that drive us to buy. Never forget that!

Create 30 Headlines

The headline is the most important part of your sales copy. If your headline is weak, no one will read past it. But if your headline gets the visitor’s Attention, develops Interest, creates Desire, and gets them to take Action (the AIDA copy formula at work!), then your headline will have done its job.

Review your 30 benefits. Choose the top 3-5 benefits and create 30 headlines for your sales message. Include as many specifics as possible. For example, on our video sales letter page, the headline makes a big, bold promise. That gets attention, creates curiosity, and makes the visitor want to learn more.

Once you’ve written your 30 headlines, choose your best one for the top of the page. Use the other headlines as sub-headlines throughout your copy.

Write an Emotional Lead (First 400 Words of the Copy)

This is an overlooked copy component because most beginners want to jump right to making a pitch and trying to get a sale. You need to have patience. You need to create a story that makes an emotional connection.

I’m proud of the 400 word lead that starts off my winning copy here: <= Model this for your site.

NOTE: Modeling is NOT copying. Modeling means taking note of what works and then creating your own version of something. Do not ever copy a product or a sales page.

Model Other Existing Offers

You are not the first person to sell to your marketplace. There are probably many other products similar to yours. Your next step is to study the ones that are selling the best and make sure that you model these winning offers.

Fill In the Rest of Your Sales Copy

You’ve finished the hard work. You have your Headline and you’ve planned out your offer. The rest of your sales copy is relatively easy to create. To help you finish this off, listen to the sales copy teleseminar that Craig created for you here =>

Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Get to work!

Start selling soon,

Craig Ballantyne

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