How to Use E-Mail Vacation Messages

You’re probably familiar with the idea of using an automated e-mail response to inform people that you’re away on vacation.

The autoresponders used by both Alex Mandossian and MaryEllen Tribby (1) explain that all their incoming e-mails will be automatically deleted while they are gone, and (2) tell the sender to re-send the e-mail after a certain date. Others use autoresponders to direct people to alternate contacts. For instance, a CEO on vacation might direct all urgent e-mails to her vice president.

Automated messages like these can be very useful – to you and the people who email you.

But that’s not all you can do. If you have time – and know in advance that you’ll be out – there’s a quick extra step you can take…

For about a month before you go, append a short statement to your outgoing e-mail signature saying that you’ll be going away from [date] to [date]. If practical, add a request for people to contact you in advance of your vacation should they need anything from you.

I always do this before I leave for vacation or for a conference, and it’s been a big help.

[Ed. Note: It’s surprising how some of the simplest actions – like adding a note about your upcoming vacation to outgoing e-mails – can have a big effect on your business. Get more advice from Senior Internet Consultant David Cross and the ETR team on which changes you need to implement to make your Internet business grow. Check out the details now.]