How to Think to Grow Rich

Recently I spent a night in New York City I was surrounded by 250 superstars, from TV show hosts to NY Times Best Selling authors (Tim Ferriss and Roman), and dozens and dozens of the world’s top fitness experts (like Jason Ferruggia and Isabel De Los Rios).

It was such as amazing crowd I’m surprised that the United Nations allowed us all to gather in one place at the same time. You know, in case an asteroid hit the restaurant, how would the world survive without us?

Life is good.

Earlier that week I stayed at the Four Seasons in Denver and we had over 35 Mastermind members join our fantastic program. As you know, I truly believe the MM to be the best product I have ever created. That claim extends to all of my fitness products and videos, even the new Home Workout Revolution System.

Life is good because we work hard.

We earn prosperity.

And we must be attracting it at the same time.

Recently one of my Mastermind Members finished up the biggest product launch we’ve ever had. And each one gets better and better.

This required a huge amount of personal growth for our partner. In the past, this person, we’ll call them “Elizabeth,” has had a lot confidence issues. Elizabeth didn’t think they were good enough, or didn’t know enough, and was easily put off by potential affiliates not returning emails.

Hopefully Elizabeth is over this. But with each week as we crept toward the launch I had a sense that the “dark side”was coming on strong.

Listen, if the Dark Side of Low Confidence is within you, it MUST be resisted.

Because the dark side of low confidence, whining, begging, and being needy simply REPELS wealth. You will not make money, get affiliates, attract traffic, or build a real business if you exhibit those traits.

Yes, you must be prepared. You must be an expert in your field. You must have a great product. But you can have all of those and still repel wealth if you maintain an inferior mental state.

You must have confidence.

You must be powerful.

You must feel MORE than worthy.

In fact, you must feel DESERVING.

As Dan Kennedy said at this bonus Wealth Creation Day years ago in the fittingly named city of Independence, Ohio…

“Money is attracted to the individual operating free of guilt or shame. People with inferiority feelings about their information, expertise, or business activities are at a profound disadvantage. They subliminally communicate their guilt to others and unconsciously sabotage themselves.”

This is yours. Go out and get it.

It’s time for a check-up from the neck-up, as old Zig Ziglar used to say.

Today, your 10-minute task is to work on your money mindset.

Give yourself a reality check.

  • Are you repelling wealth with an inferiority complex?
  • Do you act like the proverbial “Eeyore the Donkey” from Winnie the Pooh?
  • Do you attribute all your success to random luck?
  • Do you believe that you are resigned to struggle for the rest of your life?
  • Do you let these struggles inhibit your action?
  • Do you always break your momentum by attracting trouble into your world just when things are going well?
  • Identify what brings you down.
  • List all of the things that get you in the zone?
  • What’s working for you?
  • What’s not?
  • What allows you to get into a state of prosperity?

Look at other areas of your life.

Do you have an abundance of close family relationships? What are you doing right in that area of your life that you can transfer into your business building? Is it because you are making time and effort to keep those family relationships going? While on the other hand you fear business contacts, and so you ignore them instead of picking up the phone?

What is it, my friend, that holds you back in one area of life?

And more important, what is it that allows you to have prosperity in other areas of your life?

Go through this prosperity introspection.

Create a prosperity checklist for yourself.

Don’t let your inner demons, your little limitations, your negative (and untrue) self-beliefs stop you from achieving what you desire and deserve.

Once you have your checklist, move on to creating a vision for how your life will look once you start instituting those action steps and achieving real success.

Build the checklist. Create the vision. And let wealth flow into your life.

You’ve earned it.

Please tell me how this has helped you.

I look forward to your success stories,

Craig Ballantyne

“The human mind needs the destination to navigate and move toward, and the clearer the destination, the better the progress.” – Dan Kennedy