How to Stay Healthy

Dear Early to Rise Reader,

I’’m writing this morning to tell you about an important and worthwhile organization that can help you and your family stay healthy…and find the best cures and remedies when you need them. MMF actually worked with this group when they were first getting started, about seven years ago. I’’ve read and benefited from their valuable reports ever since.

The Health Sciences Institute (HSI), as it’’s called, is a health research organization. It’’s a group of 70,000 members that include doctors, scientists, and regular people like you and me who want to take care of their health…and make use of the best remedies, no matter what the source (be they modern medicine or little known alternative solutions).

Through the Institute’s research and studies, you’’ll learn, as I have, how to prevent illness and disease…and the best ways to get healthy should you become sick. For example, did you know that thousands of patients every year could avoid needless suffering by taking advantage of powerful healers most drug companies would rather keep under wraps?

We all know that drug companies are in business to make money, as they should be. But because it’’s simply not profitable to develop a treatment that can’’t be patented (imitators would soon flood the market), certain natural compounds, such as a cancer-killing substance called Graviola, will never make it out of drug company research labs.

In fact, most won’t get researched at all. Meanwhile, these naturally occurring substances could save your life. Despite the proven results, I’ve learned from HSI that there’s only one place in the country where you can purchase Graviola. Not because of any question of effectiveness, but because it’s unprofitable for the pharmaceutical giants to sell. It sounds like a “conspiracy theory,” I know, but that’s why I rely on HSI…to perform the thorough research and let me know what’s “real” and what’s “hype.”

Through HSI, I’’ve learned about literally dozens of cures like Graviola, which will never get the publicity they deserve. I’’m not talking about the things you’’ll find in mainstream publications, such as vitamin E, fish oil, or the “wonders of broccoli.” Sure, these discoveries may be helpful, but simple antioxidants, healing foods, and multivitamins are just the basics. I’m referring to under-reported substances and treatments with names you’’ve almost certainly never heard of. Such as…

* An antioxidant that’s 60 times more powerful than vitamin E (you can probably find it at your local pharmacy

* A little-known way to slash your cholesterol levels by up to 48%, without drugs or diet

* How one man saved his own life from Leukemia (after the famous Mayo Clinic gave up!)

Take responsibility for your health today, and have a closer look at how valuable the Health Sciences Institute can be in preventing and curing so many diseases. For more information, go to

Best regards,

Mike Palmer

Early to Rise