How To Make More Sales

Last year at our September Mastermind, my business and Mastermind partner, Bedros Keuilian taught our group an incredible system.

It showed us how he got a ton of sales, and over 60% were from people that had NEVER, ever bought a product from him before, even though they had been on his list a long time.

His conclusion, “Everyone is a buyer.

You just have to make the right offer.

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Back to selling…

Recently I’ve been helping another one of my elite private coaching members sell more of his product.

My client wrote...

We have 25,000 people on my list but only 7,000 are customers…what would be the best way to put together some promotions for non-buyers?

1) First, adding a set of valuable bonuses to the current package for a limited time period is best. Do a classic 3-day promotion to your list.

Use the stats you get from the 3-day promo to recruit affiliates to send the same emails – so make sure to create your own Internet Moneyball system.

2) Another option is that you could also do a trial offer. I’d make it available for 21 days at 33% of the regular price, and then the remainder is paid in 21 days.

3) You should do a video for each of the major problems that your product solves.

I’d suggest the top 3 problems and then…

  •     Cover how your product is the solution.
  •     Provide social proof from the testimonials you have.
  •     And walk through what they get. People always wonder what they get…even when you write it out.
  •     Then finish with your big, bold GUARANTEE. Remind them of the risk reversal…that they have nothing to lose.

Let me know how it goes,

Craig Ballantyne
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