How to Make More Money and Be Happier (from Dan Kennedy!)

Each June, after delivering another life-changing TT Summit out in San Diego, I fly up to Cleveland for another life-changing event. This one is Dan Kennedy’s exclusive annual seminar for insiders.

Last year the topic was Wealth Attraction, this year it was Whale Hunting as well as a peak into his Modus Operandi. I’ve told you about mine in many articles on ETR. It’s been over 8 years since I attended my first Kennedy seminar in Chicago (Superconference 2007), but there is still more I can learn from Kennedy, even if it’s just by watching how he fills seminars.

Today, as I catch up from all my travels, I’m handing over the content creation to Kennedy to show you how to make money in a multiple of ways & his 6 steps for being happier. In a recent newsletter, someone (ironically) asked grumpy ol’ Kennedy, “Tell me how to be happy.” 

Dan’s classic response:

Here’s an answer to a better question: ‘Tell me how to live.’

1) Find something VERY useful and VERY profitable to do.

2) Know all you can about it, but never stop learning more.

3) Think rationally about it.

4) WORK hard at it, a lot. Be a “worker, not a player”, as Trump says. That’s a powerful statement. The world’s over-populated with players and it doesn’t need another one.

5) Find ways to succeed at your chosen work that do not disrespect or disadvantage others. I know a few miserable rich folks that give the rest of us a bad name. Do not be one of them.

6) To whatever extent you prosper, reject any criticism or disapproval of your gains by others. Accept no guilt. And refer them, to #1-#5.

The End – DK

Having a little extra money helps your happiness, too. Kennedy is better known for his teachings on that, and he recently wrote…

Multiple Ways to Make Money
By Dan Kennedy

If you carefully examine most of the very wealthy individuals and families, with wealth originally created from scratch, through entrepreneurship, whether reaching back into history with Carnegie, Ford, Firestone or more currently with Walton, Kroc, or much more currently with Jobs, Zuckerberg …you will unearth a “secret”: they grew super-rich by creating opportunities for a great many people to get rich.

These people do not worry about the wealth they create for others nor try keeping everything “in house”. I have created or fueled a lot of wealth for a lot of people and with only one exception have no resentment, envy, should’ve gotten more from it thoughts.  My lil’ pieces have added up most satisfactorily.

A common conversation I have is with company owners and entrepreneurs contemplating hiring sales managers, salespeople, tele-marketers, speakers.

I say present them with plans whereby:
(a) they can realistically earn 6-figurn income and
(b) they can earn or vest into ownership of something, so they can get rich.

Figuring out such schemes for them forces you to figure out bigger and better plans for your business. Hire people who work at getting rich, thus making you rich.

Dan Kennedy


Great advice. And I want to make others rich – like YOU – so that we all get richer. A rising tide shall lift all boats. Stick with me, and your boat shall be rise high.

Let’s get to work and let’s get richer today.

Keep on rising on,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – From another one of my virtual mentors…

“Incalculable effort and hardship over countless generations evolved into the life, values, and happiness we take for granted today. Every day should be a celebration of existence. You are a masterpiece of life and should feel and appreciate this all the way down to your bones. Aspire to create, achieve and build onto the great value momentum taking place all around you.” – Kekich Credo #23