How to Make Great Videos

Remember Rod Schneider’s “copy room guy” character on Saturday Night Live? The one where he would say, “Hey, there’s Craig, makin’ copies.”

(Yes, that’s an old school, and Gary Young, our ETR copywriter, would have no idea what I’m talking about.)

But anyways…

Today, we have Brian Kalakay, “makin’ YouTube videoooooooos”…

Brian prepared this fitness-based blueprint for my Publishing Partner team, but I know it will help you regardless of what industry you’re in.


Making Youtube Videos
By Brian Kalakay

Here’s the best YouTube Video Creation Plan

What are the three types of videos you should be creating for your YouTube channel?

Viral and Funny Videos. For these videos you want to entertain people. Make them fall in love with your personality. This will help build a real human relationship with your followers.


  •      Harlem Shake Video
  •      Funny Outfit Workouts
  •      Spin offs of popular shows or videos related to your niche
  •      Anything that entertains and relates to what you do
  •      Don’t be afraid to be goofy, it usually gets the most response

Workout/Nutrition Videos

  •     Follow Along Mini Workouts (under 15 minute videos)
  •     Nutrition Tips
  •     Recipes
  •     Workout Tips to make their workouts more effective
  •     Kitchen Tips

Studies and New Contrarian Beliefs

  •     Science behind your workouts
  •     New studies with new knowledge
  •     Go against popular beliefs and explain why this works
  •     Tear apart fads and put science behind why they work or don’t work
  •     Express your opinion on certain workout programs, diet programs or training methods
  • BONUS: Short and catchy videos
  •     Once a month release a video that is 45 sec to a minute long that relays a catchy message and backs it up with your training system. These also work great to drive to squeeze pages.
  •     These work great for YouTube Contests for your channel

How long should your YouTube videos be?

  •     Depending on your videos will depend on the length.
  •     Follow along mini workouts will be a little longer. Try to keep them under 15 minutes, closer to 8-12 minutes if possible. You can always do the workout through and then have them repeat it on their own a few times if necessary.
  •     Funny Videos should be 5 minutes MAX
  •     Study videos should be 5 minutes MAX
  •     Squeeze page or contest videos should be 1 minute 30 seconds MAX

What Tone is appropriate for my YouTube videos?

  •     You want to convey an optimistic and positive attitude in all of your videos.
  •     A serious tone is okay if it is a serious issue, but positive will convert better
  •     Explode with your personality. If you aren’t energetic, you want to work on being a little more lively.
  •     NO MONOTONE. You will be tuned out.
  •     Develop your own culture of terms and sayings that people will want to use in their everyday lives.

What intro should you use for YouTube Videos.

Here is what I am doing on all of my new videos.

  •     Animated Graphic with website address on it
  •     Workout Slide that tells the viewers what the video is about
  •     My quick verbal intro about who I am and what we are covering
  •     Then, go into the video
  •     End the video with a call to action (see below)
  •     Finally, the last thing they see should be 15-30 secs of an end slate that has other related videos on it and a subscribe button.

What call to action should I use in my Videos?

  •     This is tricky because you always want a different one about every week or two. Use links in the description and direct them to click the links but spice up which links you use.
  •     Squeeze pages with a special YouTube offer work amazing, but rotate your offers at least monthly
  •     Links to your blog are great if you have an article that relates to the video
  •     If you are running a special or just launched a new product direct them to click on the link below to take advantage of it.
  •     Just make sure you don’t sound like a broken record at the end of your video. Try to ask for something different at least biweekly.
  •     You can also direct them to subscribe or to check out links in your videos to other related videos or playlists. Think outside of the box. Remember, YouTube is part of your funnel now so to direct them to other YouTube videos or your channels is absolutely fine. Eventually, the more they get to know you they will get into your funnel by clicking a link


That will keep you busy,

Craig Ballantyne

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