How To Make $1000 On This Special Day

You know your seminar is going well when a pretty blond lady pulls you aside with a HUGE smile on your face.

“We used your advice and had a Halloween sale,” she said, “And we made over $1000 in one day!”

She was super excited because she followed my simple advice.

And what was that?

To have a sale whenever there was a good reason to have one.

Listen, the best day of the week to sell something is any day that ends in “y”.

And when the world throws you a holiday, you have to JUMP on it.

That’s why I know you’re having a Black Friday sale tomorrow, right?

And YES, you can do this if you live in Canada, the UK, or Australia.

This Friday is Black Friday in America, the biggest shopping day of them all, and a fantastic reason to have a sale in your business. You still have time to put together a special offer for this weekend. Do NOT miss out.

My friend Rick Kaselj does it every year and makes over 10,000 bucks in a weekend…and Ryan Deiss is the King of Black Friday promotions, which is why we often promote him over at ETR on the big day. We know he’ll deliver an incredible deal to our readers, tremendous value via the information he shares, and big affiliate commissions to our business.

So while you’re cooking up that turkey or throwing around the football today, brainstorm how you can get in on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Then get out there and sell something, America needs the business! (As ol’ Zig Ziglar loved to say.)

Put together a BIG package of everything you have, like Rick does.

Have a special webinar, like Deiss does.

Sell a Lifetime Access Membership, like I’ll be doing in my fitness biz.

Off an extra bonus value package for your coaching program.

Cut the price on one select program (not all of them, and only do this for something where you have never cut the price before…don’t go overboard on discounting in your business).

Save someone a trip the mall and get them shopping online in your business this week.

By the way, I love online shopping…last Saturday morning I spent over $1000 online in just a few minutes buying a Lego Death Star (it’s more amazing than it sounds), a classic cocktail shaker set that comes in a leather bag, and several bottles of hard to find alcohol. It’s so easy to buy online, so make your sale a No-Brainer for your customers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And happy selling,

Craig Ballantyne

Action Takers Rule The World