How to Live to the Extreme in 2015

We’re going to take a 24-Hour break from the online money-making checklist today so that I can give you complete – and free – access to one of the best interviews I’ve ever done. It will show you how to Live Extreme in 2015.

This is what…my friend Jay said about me. I hope it will encourage you to take action and live EXTREME in 2015.

“Craig has helped lots and lots of individuals get fit and become the people they really want to be. We aren’t just talking about getting back in shape.

Craig lives by what he calls Extreme Example and while he doesn’t expect anyone else to do what he does, he hopes to inspire you to ACTION.

Craig is often called the most disciplined man in the room, and he earned that moniker for a reason.

What turned him into this passionate powerhouse of success?

Craig explains the life-changing moment (at age 4!) where he decided to commit to helping others transform their lives. His current goal is to transform the lives of 10,000,000 people.

Craig continues to inspire me, so I’m pretty sure you’ll get a little buzz from listening to what he has to say during this motivational Cash Flow Diary podcast episode. Listen to the Extreme Life Call now.

Show Notes

Episode Rundown

4:54          Craig’s origin story
8:08          From farm to fitness guru
11:00        Entrepreneurs are problem solvers
13:40        Having more structure
17:39        Parent and child structural relationship
20:29        5 minute changes
23:00        Scripting your week
28:26        The five pillars of success
36:07        Limiting factors
39:02        Managing accomplishments
43:08        Missing benchmarks
45:25        Celebrating achievements
48:49        Role of the mentor
51:37        How to contact Craig

Main Questions Asked

  • What is your ‘origin’ story?
  • How did you go from living on a farm to helping 10 million people?
  • Do you think ‘helping people’ is a core component necessary for an entrepreneur to be successful?
  • Talk to us about having more structure
  • How does structure relate the parent and child relationship?
  • What is your thing about 5 minutes?
  • Is ‘planning tomorrow tonight’ and ‘scripting your week’ the same?
  • What are the building blocks to make these shifts?
  • What is the limiting factor for someone to implement the pillars?
  • How does one manage their accomplishments?
  • How do you process when you don’t reach your benchmarks?
  • Talk about celebrating achievements
  • How important is having a mentor?
  • Do successful people still need a mentor?

Key Lessons Learned

  • You will not out earn your personal growth
  • You will succeed when you help people & add value to the world
  • One in ten thousand will say something positive but one in a million will say something negative. Don’t get caught up on the negative
  • Once you are in the habit of discipline stay in the habit as getting back into the habit can be a challenge


  • The more Structure in your day the more Freedom in your life
  • The more rules you have in your life the better off you will be
  • Example Rule: Don’t check email until after lunch time, only go on Facebook once a day for a short time,
  • We all feel like we are running out of time so make sure you know what the priority in your life is
  • Scripting your day and week will let you know how long to spend on activities and when
  • Make sure you work on your number one priority in the morning
  • Your day is won in the morning
  • The feeling of progress powers motivation and momentum
  • If you don’t structure your day and win the morning then you’ll lose the evening with your family. That is the cost
  • Structure sounds like the opposite of freedom but it is actually the key

Get up 5 minutes earlier and do 3 things:

  • 1) Big Thinking (write down your 10 big ideas)
  • 2) Go over the plan for the day
  • 3) Gratitude for what you achieved and who is in your life

Scripting your Week (Plan tomorrow tonight)

  • You should know what you do with the time in your day
  • A time log in 15 minute blocks is a great way to figure out how you spend time
  • Time logs will show where you are wasting time and where you are most productive
  • Everybody has ‘magic time’ a 2 hour block where they are 3 times more productive
  • When you figure out where you are weak you can figure out solutions for the obstacles to eliminate temptations
  • You can download internet blockers to keep you off websites eg ESPN if you are tempted during work time
  • People mess up by having to-do lists but don’t schedule the exact amount of time for each task. You need to be realistic and you need to have cut off times
  • Deadlines force you to take faster action and get things done

The Five Pillars of Success

  • 1) Planning and Preparation – Do it better than ever
  • 2) Professional Accountability – Doctor, trainer, or mentor
  • 3) Social Support – People who will support your change, but only tell positive people about your goals
  • 4) Incentive – Can be negative/punishment or a positive prize
  • 5) The Big Deadline – must have an end point…the closer the deadline gets the more action you will take…you need to align your priorities with the pillars as that’s where the breakthroughs come

Managing Accomplishments and Defeat

  • We often set too many goals so limit to 3-5 goals
  • Set goals for your health, wealth, social self, & personal enrichment
  • Figure out your number one priority in each area
  • Control what you can
  • Cope with what you cant
  • Concentrate on what counts
  • Look for the victories in the loss

The Role of a Mentor

  • They have been there and done that so can show you what to do
  • Mentors help you achieve everything

Whew, that’s it.

It was extreme! To the max!

Listen to the Extreme Life 2015 call here
J. Massey


Thanks J!

Great interview,
Craig Ballantyne

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