How to Land a New Job… or a New Client

A healthcare company was interviewing five candidates for a marketing manager’s position. Four of the candidates brought in and showed portfolios of ad campaigns they had done for previous employers in the healthcare industry. The fifth brought no portfolio. Instead, he turned the interview into a discussion about the company’s marketing objectives, current results, goals for improvement, and how they measured marketing effectiveness.

Of course, he got the job. “They were impressed that I focused on their business and not on my work,” he told me.

Recommendation: In any selling situation – whether you’re selling a product or yourself – shift the conversation as quickly as you can away from yourself and onto your prospect, his business, and his needs. Though they may pretend otherwise, people are always more interested in themselves – and what you can do for them – than they are in you or what they can do for you.

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Bob Bly

Bob Bly is an independent copywriter and consultant specializing in business-to-business and direct marketing. He has been hired as a consultant by such companies as Sony, Chemical Bank, J. Walter Thompson, Westinghouse, and Prentice-Hall. Bob is also the author of more than 50 books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Direct Marketing (Alpha Books), Targeted Public Relations, Selling Your Services, How to Promote Your Own Business, and Keeping Clients Satisfied. A phenomenal public speaker, Bob will share with you how easy it is to start your own business. Whether you’re ready to quit your job or are just looking to make a little money on the side, you’ll want to hear Bob’s advice.