How to Impress Your Boss at Meetings


“The first secret of success? Self trust.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It doesn’t take much to impress your boss when you are lucky enough to have his attention (more or less) for an entire meeting. Here are seven things you can do — seven things that would work on me — that will leave your boss thinking, “That kid is good!”

1. Arrive a few minutes early.

2. Bring a pad and pen and, if appropriate, a tape recorder.

3. Make frequent eye contact with him. Show that you are listening.

4. Do at least one thing — ask a question or make a comment — that proves you have spent some extra time thinking about the meeting’s main topics.

5. Answer questions promptly, energetically, and directly.

6. Don’t do anything distracting or work on anything not directly related to the meeting.

7. Follow up quickly — with an e-mail memo or phone call — that indicates you (a) are already working on the meeting’s problem, (b) appreciate your boss’s contributions, and (c) are positively motivated to achieve the objective.