How to help more people and live a better life

Imagine giving up a 6-figure job and starting out on your own as a personal trainer…and being better off for it in just a few months!

Most trainers struggle for years to get on their financial feet and to get their business off the ground.

But Derek Wahler, CTT, didn’t have that problem, because he has the TT Certification family – and me, Craig Ballantyne – on his side.

Derek attended our 1st Live CTT event back in November and has had amazing results since then. I sat down for a quick interview with him at our recent Mastermind event, and here’s his story:

CB: Derek, what was your favorite part of the TT Certification weekend?

Derek’s Answer:
My favorite part of the TT Certification weekend was finally meeting you, Craig, and Brian (Master CTT) in person.  I’ve read so many of your articles online, as well as watched a lot of their YouTube videos, it was great to finally meet you!

CB: Awesome, can’t wait to meet more trainers in Tampa at our next one. What was the #1 surprising fitness fact that you learned at the event?

Derek’s Answer: The #1 surprising fitness fact I learned was how inaccurate the cardio machines are in determining how many calories you burn.  I believe the elliptical was the worst at overestimating calories burned by 42%.  I always wondered how they could accurately measure that and now I know that they cant.

CB: Now what was the most valuable piece of business advice that you discovered and have been able to implement?

Derek’s Answer:
Brian told us about how he was working with a nearby bank, providing them with boot camp at a huge discount.  Since then, I’ve contacted many nearby businesses and offered discounted programs for their employees.

One of my previous employers, HP, recently got on board.  I received a number of emails from their employees who were really thankful that I was offering this special service for them.

CB: Okay, so what results have you achieved since the TT Cert weekend?

Derek’s Answer: The largest progress I’ve made since the TT Certification weekend is actually with my online fitness business.  I realized how many more people I could  help by offering a product online.  You have helped me out every step of the way, letting me know what I should and shouldn’t focus my time on.  Without that, I never would have gotten started.

CB: Happy to help! Last question, because I know we have to get back to the meeting…Bottom line, how has the TT Certification had a big impact on your life, your fitness, and your business?

Derek’s Answer:  The TT Certification literally got me into the fitness industry.  I was working a full time day job and never thought my passion for fitness was a reliable career opportunity.  I figured it would always just be a hobby.

After receiving your emails and looking into the TT Cert, I realized how many opportunities are out there for people who are willing to put in the work and get out of their comfort zone.

In the past 5 months I got certified, opened my own boot camp from scratch and started my own online fitness business.  None of this would have happened without the TT Certification.

It really is a family atmosphere and there are so many others willing to help you.

CB: Thanks Derek!

What a great story, and it can be yours, too.

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
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