How to Heal Muscle Pain and Fix Aching Joints

This is what happens when you leave your dog at the kennel and go to Europe for 17 days…he ends up writing a hilarious – and helpful – email to YOU. Enjoy. – Craig


Woof, woof, ol’ Bally the Dog here today with a special – and odd message. My doctors are worried about me. Are yours? Let me explain…

You see, I’m almost 10 years old in people years, and so that makes me almost 70 in dog years! Even though I still run around and bark like a young pup, my doctors always asking, “How are your hips, Bally?” As a purebred lab, those are often the first things to go in us loveable lil’ furballz. 

Has your doctor ever had to give you advice about joint pain? Mine have. And I follow it. Over the years I’ve done everything right…kept my doggy weight down, ate my joint supplements everyday, and did my stretches. 

I just finished up my lil’ morning series that goes like this:

  • Fire Hydrants (kills 2 birds with one whiz, er stone, I mean!)
  • The Downward Dog (or as we dogs simply call it, “The Downward”)
  • Licking my doofer (oops, guess that really isn’t a stretch…LOL…but for some reason I do it everyday!)

BOL! (Bark-out-loud)

So if your doctor is worried, here’s the GREAT news. You can be pain-free just like me. All you need to do is follow-along on this free DVD with my good friend and human pain-reliever friend, Missi Holt, CTT. Missi is the best in the West, having helped hundreds of people in Denver to overcome knee, hip, and back pain so that they can live pain-free. So if you’re struggling, please-please-please check out her free gift to you here.

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No matter what you’ve tried in the past, no matter how much you’ve spent on pills, potions, powders, physio, physicians, pillows, poodles, or other pain-relief promises, let me assure you that this free DVD is the cure for what ails you. You’re going to love it…or I’ll come right over and lick your face. Of course, I’ll happily do that if it works, too. 🙂

So don’t delay. A pain-free life is just a few simple, easy moves away. In fact, what Missi will teach you about living pain-free will shock you. It doesn’t involve back-bending pretzel-twisting difficult stretches to make a BIG difference in how you look and feel.

It starts with breathing, simple body alignment, and making small changes. Check out what these happy clients are barking about Missi’s expertise:

“Thank you. I have several other yoga videos, but what I really like about Missi’s is the gentleness and the emphasis on breathing. Thank you!” – Liz Farr

“Hi Missi, I just started your videos and I’m very impressed with them. As a health practitioner (chiropractor) I’m very impressed with your “safety first” approach and I’m recommending your series to several of my patients. Reading your manual before starting the videos is so important for people with physically impaired body parts! Great job and thank you!” – Fred Lerner, D.C., Ph.D., FACO

She’s simply the best. You’ll love her, just like I do.

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Get pain free today,

Bally the Dog
Certified Pain-Free Dog

PS – Barkity Bark Bark…

Never let life get in the way of your progress. Accept the sacrifices and just do it! TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life. Don’t dwell on past mistakes. That gets you nowhere. Focus on what you can and WILL do today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life, and all of the great things that will happen because of your action. We know we have a limited amount of time in this life, so why do we delay on taking massive action on what is important to us?

If you have pain, fix it today. Start now. Thank me later (with a belly rub).

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You can do it. I believe in you