How to Fly First-Class From Now On

At a seminar some years ago, Bob Proctor asked his audience, “How would you like to fly anywhere in the world first-class?” The audience members agreed that they’d like to do it – but couldn’t afford it. “It’s not about whether you can afford it or not,” Bob told them.

“It’s about making a decision to do something in a certain way. When you decide that you’re the type of person who flies first-class, then the universe will start paving the way for you to be that person. You don’t wait until you can afford it. You first MAKE the DECISION that you’re going to do something … and then the money to do it comes.”

Wow! What an earth-shattering statement – and so incredibly true.

I recall back in 1993, when I made a decision to go to China (for the first time) and get married. When I made the decision, I didn’t have a dime to my name. I was buried in debt. Yet, I intended to arrive in China as a successful businessman. And, yes, after making the decision, clients started beating a path to my door, wanting me to train them. I had a waiting list a mile long.

Before I boarded the plane in September of 1993 – with a first-class ticket – I was no longer in debt. In fact, I had paid all my bills a month early, since I was going to be gone for a little over a month.

It seemed nearly miraculous how everything worked for me. But it was because, as Bob Proctor said, “I made the decision first.”

This is a concept that Dr. Maxwell Maltz covered in detail in Zero Resistance Living, his advanced course in Psycho-Cybernetics When you have a goal … when you focus on it in the theatre of your mind … you activate your Automatic Success Mechanism. And this begins attracting to you the people, places, knowledge, and circumstances that harmonize with your dominant thoughts.

It is absolutely astonishing to many people how quickly this process works.

You can flail and thrash about for years – not really accomplishing anything of merit, although you believe in your heart that you’re working hard. Then, you make one simple change. You make a decision with the end in mind. You decide to begin with the result you want – not with the circumstances you find yourself in. After making this seemingly subtle shift in consciousness, an entire universe opens up to you that never appeared to exist previously.

But it did. It was simply waiting for you to acknowledge it. You’ve got tons of untapped ability inside, screaming to be let out. And you can let it out in major spurts if you begin where you want to be and work backward.

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