How to Find Time to Finish Anything

We’ve all heard this before:

“One of the best ways to make money online is to write an eBook.”

I think this statement is true.

But I also believe it’s very hard for many entrepreneurs to find time to write an eBook or anything for that matter.

We all live busy lives.

This is especially true if you juggle an Internet business with family, work, and other obligations.

So how do you find the time to finish an important project?

I have a simple answer: The Power Hour (5 steps below)

You can’t find time to write an eBook, you need to make it.

Let me explain…

Use an “Hour of Power” to Write YOUR eBook 

The best plan for writing an eBook is to schedule a time every day for this project. I call this the “Hour of Power.”

The Hour of Power is a concept that’s popular with many self-improvement gurus.  It’s a simple idea.  You wake up and do a series of affirmations and exercises to create energy for the new day.

Instead of doing affirmations or exercising, you’ll schedule a time that’s completely dedicated to the process of writing an eBook.

We all love to make excuses – Especially when it comes to not having enough time.

The Hour of Power eliminates this problem. You’ll schedule a specific time each day that becomes a permanent appointment.  The key here is to make this as important as your job, family time, and exercise.  In other words, you complete this task no matter what happens during the day.

An Example of the “Hour of Power” 

I used the Hour of Power while I wrote my recent course – Affiliate Marketing without the BS.  Now I do it every day for all my writing/product creation.  It’s become a permanent part of my daily schedule.

Here’s what it looks like:

  1. I wake up between 8:30 to 9:00 during my work week
  2. I drink a large glass of water, do a few quick stretches, and grab a small piece of fruit to eat
  3. I walk into my office and fire up my laptop (ignoring email and/or social media updates.)
  4. I set aside two 25 minute blocks with 5 minute breaks inbetween and immediately start writing
  5. I work without interruption till this time expires

That’s really it!  I like doing my Hour of Power in the morning because I start my day with a “future income” activity.  This provides a mental boost that carries over into my other activities.

How to Create YOUR Hour of Power 

It’s not that hard to find time for writing an eBook or anything.  The trick is to make time for it.

Here is the five-step process for getting started…

#1 – Pick a Profitable Topic: It’s important to maximize this time.  So my advice is to pick a topic that will be most profitable.

#2 – Schedule a Time: You don’t have to write in the morning like I do.  My advice is to figure out what time of day you like to write.  And then make this a permanent appointment with yourself.

#3- Write in the Same Location: You get a mental boost by writing in the same location on a daily basis.  Do this a few times, and your subconscious will instinctively know it’s time to do some work.

#4 – Establish a 0% Tolerance for Interruptions:  This time is sacred!  It’s the activity that generates future income.  So make sure you treat it as such.

That means you turn off the phone, ignore email/social media, and minimize any other distractions.  In addition, talk to your family and friends.  Let them know that you need this hour.  Explain that it’s important that you don’t get interrupted.  I’ve found that most people are understanding – If you talk to them ahead of time.

#5 – Never Make Excuses:  Again, this time is sacred.  Sure…it doesn’t seem as important as that email that just popped up or that phone call you have to return.  But it’s something that will bring future success.

Ultimately you have to treat this time as something you’ll never miss.  Don’t make excuses about it.  Or give reasons why you can’t finish it.  Just do it!

Final Thoughts… 

Frankly, I hate writing eBooks or other long-term projects.

It’s a lot of effort with every little upfront reward.  On the other hand, I’ve seen the results from this concentrated effort.

Back in 2008 I wrote an eBook for one of my niches.  Since then this one eBook has generated $2,000 to $3,000 in monthly income.  The best part is it’s about 99% passive income.  The only thing I do is write the occasional follow-up autoresponder and process the occasional refund.

Bottom line is the Hour of Power can become the most profitable part of your day. 

I’m sure you have a busy schedule.  But I’m also pretty sure you’d like to make more money.  By scheduling an Hour of Power every day you’ll find the time to write that eBook that brings your business to the next level!

Take Action. Get Results.

[Ed Note: Steve Scott has earned a full-time income from a single affiliate marketing niche since 2006. He has fully embraced the internet entrepreneur lifestyle and he writes about his experiences on his blog here.]