Ultimate Guide to Finding Good People in Your Life

good people

This is one of the most important articles I could ever write for you.

Recently we had a discussion on my Facebook page about whether or not it was difficult to find good, positive, supportive people to add to your life.

Frankly, I don’t believe it is hard if you are willing to stand up for what you believe in, live in a way that is congruent with your beliefs, and put some effort into looking.

I DO believe that who you associate with makes all the difference in your life.

I once heard the incredible speaker Dr. Nido Qubein describe the impact of your social network using the example of the Koi fish. “The Koi fish grows in proportion to its environment. If you keep it in a pail of water, it grows only 2 inches. But if you let it loose in the wild it can grow up to two feet,” Dr. Qubein explained. So are you like the Koi fish that has been kept in a pail?

Is your environment and social network stifling your growth?

If you believe this to be so, then Dr. Qubein has a suggestion for you, “Make a list of the 10 people you spend the most time with and your top 5 goals and top 5 values. Compare the lists. Are the people you spend the most time with congruent with your values and goals? If not, you might be held back by this association.”

You need to spend more time with positive people in a positive environment. In the weight loss world, study after study has shown that when you spend time with others who have the same goals as you, and who are making progress towards these goals, that you too will have greater success.

To help you attract the right people and positive support into your social network, here is the Ultimate Guide to Finding Good People in Your Life

Step 1) Identify what you value in people.

Step 2) Identify where this type of person spends time.

Step 3) Go there.

Whether it is a church, gym, beach, dance lessons, bootcamp fitness class, Chamber of Commerce meeting, local lectures, weekend seminars, weekly group meetings, or a positive Internet forum. For instance, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, grow with the individuals you meet at The Perfect Life Workshop. 

You don’t meet good people by watching TV…but good people ARE out there. Go forth and find them.

Let this quote give you some inspiration:

“When you take action, particularly bold action, the boundaries of what you believe to be possible (your belief system) expand. Which, in turn, gives you the capacity to consider new ideas, new possibilities, and new concepts that you previously thought to be impossible.”Robert Ringer

Listen, I’m a lucky man.

The people I know and surround myself with, from my best friends from high school to the most inspirational business experts in the world to amazing entrepreneurs, are people that I’ve met because I’ve lived my life with purpose and clarity.

I will not settle for less. I will not live my life according to anyone else’s expectations. I get ridiculed, called names, and criticized a lot, but it’s not going to stop me from living the way that attracts the RIGHT people into my life.

The decision to do so has been the most important I’ve made in both business and my personal life.

That’s why I’m surrounded by positive, high-energy people who are always trying to improve themselves, and who support me in my quest to be a better man.

There are my friends Isabel De Los Rios, a woman who has shown hundreds of thousands of people how to eat better. And she did it by not settling for less and through living by example without fear of what others thought of her.

Another one of my great friends is Bedros Keuilian, who has overcome being a poor immigrant from Armenia, who didn’t speak a lick of English in 1980, and who had to “dumpster dive” for expired food to help his family eat. He too lives by example.

Then there are all the men and women in my businesses, from my business partner Matt Smith who challenges me every day to defend my arguments (we have great debates) to my Early to Rise team who help me steer the ship.

All of them inspire me, and all were attracted into my life by my decision to live by example. Lead by living by example.

You may have people resist you at first, but they will come around. Many of my best friends from high school resisted healthy living, but many of them now live even healthier than me.

So I’ll say it again: Live and lead by example.

Attract the right people into your life, both in the ‘real-world’ and on the Internet. Take full responsibility for your social network.

After all, you are responsible for your results in all areas of life. When you accept your results without casting blame and you learn from your mistakes so as to not make the same mistakes again, only then will you achieve what you want and have the right people in your life. That is how you must live and that is why you will succeed.

If what you are doing now is not working, then you must change. Don’t rely on doing “normal” things to get extraordinary results, because it doesn’t work that way. Normal and average behaviors only get you average results, and those just aren’t very good these days.

Many of the great people in my life have found me and my newsletters because I put my mission out there. I was proud of it, and I don’t care who disagrees with me. All that matters are the good people who are attracted to the mission of helping others.


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  • people around me who recommendod good or bab idea to me but now i’m than-you very much your ideas to life for the arts made thank 🙂

  • katie o’dwyer

    This was a blessing to read! Thank you for you words of encouragement. My life has turned for the better after ending a very negative, verbal abusive marriage. It was amazing how a short marriage could have such a negative impact on me and my children. The Lord has lifted me on wings of eagles and restored me. I am surrounding myself with others who encourage and others who inspirer me to the take action of the next steps in life.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Stay strong Katie!

    • ttcert

      Thank you Katie! Keep on pushing on!

  • jitin

    Thank you Craig for another classic!

  • RB

    I always think about this…my inner circle and what we do on a consistent basis. It’s very small and not much inspiration comes from the group. This article has shed much light on a very important part of my growth. Thanks, Craig

    • ttcert

      Thanks RB, stay strong and keep on pushing.

  • Unlimited

    Thanks Craig! This article just empowed and reinforced my action.

  • this article was mental masturbation for the guy who wrote it. just a rub to anyone else reading it tho… the key words here are “be a businessman”. ugh. i can see from your pic that you’re a rich, white male. give me a success story from a minority person who has made their goal of making good friends – not the small example of the dumpster-diving man who is obviously well off now. i hate articles like this. they are just self-congratulatory bullshit. ask anyone who’s actually studied human relations – this guy is delusional. if he thinks thousands of people on internet forums are “friends” he needs to go back to school. people looking for answers on how to meet good people are not going to find them here. thanks for wasting 5 minutes of my day on your narcissistic preening, dude.

    • Graham

      To avoid criticism Sadi
      Say Nothing
      Do Nothing
      Be Nothing.

      I’d say Craig isn’t avoiding criticism.

      Seriously though Craig. You clearly haven’t struck a chord in Sadi’s life, but every day you add huge value to mine. I have gained lots of valuable insights from your posts. Keep it up, please. I expect my sentiments are echoed thousands of times amongst your other readers.

    • Zarayna Pradyer

      Hello Sadi Kalen,
      Just a quick note to say that I found your comments absolutely hilarious. Thank you. I’m still too much of a people pleaser, so your remarks were magnificently bold and a bit of an inspiration for me.
      Of course, within boundaries, opposition makes us stronger. I imagine Craig and chums have examined what you have to say, acknowledged the things they agree with and have quite rightly rejected aspects that are not true. We are all stumbling along a rocky path and we are all flawed.
      From what I recall of Craig’s posts, his was a somewhat difficult start in life. Nevertheless, he was fortunate in that it was not so restricting and abusive as to crush his humanity, nor was it so rich that it extinguished all motivation, insight and humanity. He came through tough times and he shares with us the lessons he has learned.
      True, some people will be born with similar strengths and weaknesses as Craig but will not acquire either worldly goods or even acknowledgement for their efforts. However, I do believe we all benefit from such people – one aspect of faith is to keep going on the straight path even when it seems no one is looking. I do believe all efforts have a resultant somewhere. Nothing is wasted.
      BTW, it looks as if you have a cat. If so – good for you even if their relationship with humans is somewhat selfish – I’m trying to learn from them as well.
      Please allow me to wish you well. Have a really good New Year and thank you again for making me laugh. (I’m old, white, totally shagged out and poor – and I don’t give a toss).

    • Kelly Miller


      See Lisa Nichols story.

  • Johanna Borzási

    Thank you, Craig! This was a great read! 😀 I agree with you, and I organized my life according to the same principles – it worked for me.

  • Angel Curcio Perachio

    I can do this…the only thing I can’t figure out yet is where they are…where do they go….I have identified the values I like and would like to share…a long time ago…they need to get life…and so many people don’t….they do not have to be a multiple trauma and multiple loss survivor as I am …..but they must have empathy for others..so many don’t….give me a sense of humor….I don’t need to talk about my past….I can talk to a counselor about that..HELP

    • Hi Angel! Please start with FB groups. There’s surely some groups out there full of positive people. Also, if you live in a big city, try meetup.com – they have lots of varied interest groups. Let me know how it goes! – Craig

      • Angel Curcio Perachio

        thanks so much…I have done many meet up groups to find them to be clicky and very unorganized and boring….how do I look up groups on FB..can you give me an idea on how to search…..”People who get life and want to have fun”LOL

  • Thank you Graham! Happy to help.