How To Create Killer Content

On Wednesday morning I delivered an hour-long, killer content presentation to our 1-day Mastermind members on how to write sales copy and get affiliates. That info will make them a TON of money over the next few years.

I also gave them one big change to their mindset.

The secret to success in today’s world is to over-deliver on VALUE.

You must be a Value-Adder.

That’s the only way to stand out in today’s incredibly complex and competitive world.

One way to do that with your website is to create KILLER content.

As an online business owner that needs to stand out in the crowd and  create goodwill with your prospects and customers, you need to be  delivering great free content on a regular basis (in addition to the tremendous products you deliver that solve real problems).

Recently I’ve been working with one of my $1000-an-hour personal coaching clients to map out a content generation schedule with them.

It all starts with creating a success environment for content creation.

In the real world of running a side business from home, as you are likely doing, this requires the discipline to do one of two things.

A) Get up before everyone else and work (that’s my system)

B) Stay up after everyone goes to bed and work (definitely NOT my system)

But “B” works better for my client, and so we’re going with that.

As I told him, “You must work for at least 45 minutes – and preferably 90 minutes – when no else in the house is up. This is work to be done WITHOUT any access to the Internet. You will do this 6 days per week.

“That’s 4.5 (or 9!) hours of the best work you’ll get done all week. In a year, that’s 200-400 hours of uninterrupted, quality work. That’s will move the  needle in your business, big time! This is your #1 breakthrough opportunity at present until you implement action step 2.

“Step #2 is to hire someone from Craigslist. Create an ad based on the one I shared here.

“It needs to be explicit about what you are looking for. Do NOT hold back.  And make people FAX a submission so that will cut down on the unqualified  job seekers. Having an assistant to do the menial labor tasks in your business  will open up more free time for content generation. Use your time wisely!”

Once you have the success environment in place, we can move on to your  expectations and your calendar of creation

In most industries, the Monday email will be the most important and effective
for sales. Tuesday is also effective, and things get less effective as the week  goes on (in most cases). However, weekends seem to work well for promotional emails that lead to a video sales letter, because people have more time to watch the VSL on the weekend.

You’ll need to test and track every ‘experimental’ mailing that you do. And EVERY email should be looked at as an experiment for the rest of your life.  Watch the open rates, click-throughs, and sales that come from mailing at  different times and days.

Over the years, in my fitness business, I’ve discovered that the following plan works best:

Sunday – Nutrition content + promotion
Monday – BEST workout content + optional promotion
Tuesday – More content + more promotion
Wednesday – Optional content and promotion
Thursday – More workout content + “deadline” reminder to take action on promo Friday and Saturday are optional emails…Saturdays tend to have the worst open rates and sales in my business. NOTE: Yours might be different!

Now that you have your schedule in place, it’s time to think about the content you
can create.

I’m always amused by questions asking if I have a hard time coming up with  ideas. The answer to that is “Heck, no!”. I have more ideas than I’ll ever be able to finish. And it’s easy for you to find ideas.

Step #1: Spend 2-3 hours thinking back through your life about the most important watershed moments that helped you become the person/expert that you are today.
How can you tie these lessons into amazing, sharable articles?

Step #2: Write down 10-20 of the most important problems that your customers  and prospects have that you can solve. Write articles that combine success stories  (from your life or from customers) that demonstrate your expertise.

Step #3: Write down 25-50 of the most important tips/article ideas for your readers.
Write articles that combine success stories (from your life or from customers) that  demonstrate your expertise.

You must always include a story in your content. It can be a personal story or a
lesson from history.

Take a look at the ETR essay from May 1st. It combines a powerful motivational  message with a story from history that everyone “kind of” knows, but one that delivers the REAL story in much greater detail.

That’s the kind of content that keeps your readers coming back every day.

Take thirty minutes and finish this important task,

Craig Ballantyne

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