How To Create A Sales Machine

As I scanned through the 31 emails in my inbox at noon, this one got my attention.

“Have you seen my latest sales machine? We’ve been mailing and split testing internally since Tuesday and were already well over 700+ sales. <= Study it

As soon as were done testing we’ll open up to affiliates….let me know if you’re interesting in sending and I’ll get you over my new proven swipe.” – Shaun Hadsall

That’s the Power of C-O-P-Y.

You need great copy to have a Sales Machine.

If at first your copy doesn’t work, go back and improve it. Do a Copy Logic. Re-read Great Leads.

Stop procrastinating by creating more and more products. That is the easy way out. Rather than creating yet another product, you must fix your copy.

Your success is all about the Copy. Copywriting is the secret to riches, freedom, and the life you desire.

That’s what we did at ETR after a slow couple of months on Facebook. Our ads had stopped working.

Our top copywriter, Gary, looked at our best customer. He studied winning copy in the fitness industry that works to our best customer. That allowed him to come up with a BIG idea.

As he said to me:

“I realized I was being too ‘science-y’ with my copy. But that isn’t what works with this consumer. So I wrote copy based on how this was an amazing, quick, & easy system and BOOM – it worked.”

In fact it’s working better than ever.

NOTE: We are now selling the SAME product as we were before…but with a different angle and a HIGHER price point (it’s now at $27, not $7).

Our previous success on FB was a $7 product, and now we’re selling the new version at $27. That is the power of C-O-P-Y. Here are our record numbers that we just did on Facebook…

6MTS July 1st Canadia Day! Facebook Media Results

Spend: $3996.15
Revenue: $5768.7
B/E: 144.4%
Front-ends: 149
Cost-Per-Acquisition: $26.82
Average-Cart-Value: $38.72

As you’ll see from those stats we are making $1.44 for every $1 we spend on FB. This is the online equivalent of striking gold. We are getting PAID to get new customers.

This won’t last forever, but when it slows down we’ll try a new copy angle.

That’s the Power of Improving Copy.

When you have converting copy, you can take your offers to Facebook AND it’s much, much easier to co-ordinate a product launch with the BIGGEST affiliates when you have proven copy and emails.

Like Tom Cruise, all we have to do is show them the MONEY and they will sign-up, just like Cuba Gooding Jr. We have them at “Hello”.

When you have great copy you have momentum. You feel unstoppable. (Of course, we know better, and are preparing for future “rainy days”, but for now we are making hay while the sun is shining.)

Here are your BIG Action Steps that will help you improve your COPY & make BIG money.

#1 – Study other converting offers in your market
#2 – Send lots of emails to your list.
#3 – Track your numbers (opens, clicks, sales).
#4 – Identify hot buttons (what gets attention and makes them take action?)
#5 – Study other converting offers in your market
#6 – Study MORE converting offers in your market
#7 – Improve your copy.
#8 – Test everything again.
#9 – Create your Internet Moneyball System.
#10 – Get affiliates to test your winning emails.
#11 – Then we can think about planning a real launch.


Craig Ballantyne
“Giving others what they want really is what motivates them to give you what you want.” – Robert Ringer