How to Create a No-Brainer Offer

So now that you know how to identify no-brainer affiliate offers to share with your list, let’s look at how can you use this info to  create your own no-brainer offer.

Step #1 – Deliver incredible value.

What no-brainer offer can you create? We’ve talked a lot about $7 offers in the past, and those are often no-brainers, but it doesn’t have to be just  seven bucks.

Testing shows that $9 offers work great, and even $19.95 is still a no-brainer for most mass market items. And if you’re in a specialty  niche,  your no-brainer offer will be even higher priced – you need to  know your market.

But just remember, a no-brainer offer creates goodwill among customers  so they will think,

“Wow, this person must be all sauced up or something, or perhaps they  put up the wrong price, because I’d have to be crazy not to buy this…and  yes, I feel like I’m ripping THEM off.”

Step #2 – Where is the perfect M-2-M match?

The key to good affiliate recruitment is not all about list size. It’s about  list quality. In fact, it’s all about list quality.

As Dan Kennedy often says, “A mediocre offer sent to the right list  will do great. But a great offer sent to the wrong list will fail.”

You need to get that into your head as you pursue affiliates.

By the way, study Jay’s sales page. It’s short and sweet and does the job  – when it’s a no-brainer offer being promoted to

Would this work to a stranger that has a marathon training list. Probably  not. It would likely tank.

There were even quite a few top affiliates that did NOT do well with  Adam Steer’s Bodyweight Burn program, even though it worked really  well for me.

The reason it worked well for me?

It was a perfect message-to-market-match.

The reason it didn’t work well for everyone?

Not a good Message-to-Market match (M-2-M match).

In the fitness industry, it’s easy for a workout list to promote a nutrition  product, but it’s almost always a disappointment – or even an outright  failure – when a nutrition list tries to promote a workout product.

The message-to-market formula breaks down.

You need to be aware of these contradictions no matter what industry  you are in and no matter what product you are promoting.

But when you have a no-brainer offer and the right M-2-M match, you  don’t need pages upon pages of copy for a no-brainer, killer offer…

especially when your affiliates are promoting it to their list with a personal recommendation.

Action Plan:

Take at least 10 minutes this weekend to brainstorm two ways to fit no-brainer offers into your business:

First, as an affiliate for someone else’s no brainer.

And second, and more important, creating a no-brainer as a new front end offer for your own business.

Focus on the Message-to-Market Match in all you do,

Craig Ballantyne

“Harness the Power of Accelerated Failure – the faster you fail,  the faster you succeed.” – Bill Bonner