How to Change People’s Lives

It was one of the nicest things that anyone had ever done for me.
Last Friday at the TT Summit, my good friend and Mastermind
coaching partner, Bedros Keuilian, presented with my own bobblehead
doll. It even had Bally the Dog on there with me in my infamous
shirts-off, kettlebell-lifting pose that has been stolen by dozens
of gyms, magazines, equipment manufacturers, and even by weirdo’s
on random dating sites.I guess you know that’s when “you’ve made it”. You get your own
bobblehead. Ha!

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 6.44.26 AM

But here’s the best part. Not only did I get one, Bedros had four
others that he auctioned off for charity. I was blown away that TT
Summit attendees were willing to pay $200-$300 for their own
Craigglehead doll. Of course, it was mostly because the money was
going to Shriner’s Hospital, but still…I was touched. It was one of
the nicest feelings I’ve ever had in my life. What a kick-off to
the weekend that changed over 150 lives.

But that’s just a start…

You see, back in 2009 I set an outrageous goal of helping one million
men and women transform their lives, physically, financially, and
emotionally. Last year, in a fit of optimism, I increased my goal
to TEN million transformations. That was a big theme of the Summit.How do you transform the lives of 10 million people? You do it one
person at a time.

And when you help one person, you set off an amazing cascade of
events that helps ten, one hundred, and sometimes even one hundred
thousand – or more – people.

For example, over the weekend I heard many stories from attendees
about how they first came to hear about Turbulence Training. A lot
of them said it was through Mike Geary’s “Truth About Abs”
newsletter. Others said it was from my articles on
And a few, including a very special woman named Catherine Gordon,
came from my friend Vince Del Monte’s muscle building list.

Now I found it very strange that Catherine was ever on Vince’s
email list. But that’s how it all starts – one person at a time.

Vince then mentioned Turbulence Training, and Catherine was
inspired by the winner of my first Transformation Contest, Emily
Johnson, to join our second contest. Catherine went on to win the
Grand Prize, and over two years later became a Certified Turbulence
Trainer. From there, Catherine opened up her own fitness studio in
Sonora, California, where she trains many members of her local
community. But it doesn’t stop there.(Emily also went on to become a personal trainer, too. She also
took my advice of starting a Fit Body Bootcamp location, and is now
a thriving business owner near Seattle. She just bought her first
home thanks to the roaring success of her business.)

But it was a most magical weekend for our dear friend and Certified
Turbulence Trainer, Catherine. She was crowned the “TT Trainer of
Year” for 2013. I could not be more proud of Catherine and everything
she has accomplished since entering into the Turbulence Training World
back in 2008. Who knew what she was getting herself into! And she’s
just getting started.

It’s all so wonderfully crazy to think about how our fitness email
newsletters are moving people from small steps in personal
transformations to big life-changing success stories.

Let this serve as HOPE for you. It doesn’t matter how small your
email list or bootcamp is right now. Just think of the impact you
are having when you touch one life. It’s like throwing a rock in a
pond and watching the ripples travel outward. When you help
someone, they will help someone, and so on and so forth. And the
more you help others, the more it will all come back to you.

Think of the trickle down effect you are creating when you change a
life – by referring your readers to other sources of value that can
change their lives.

It’s easy to forget this when you have all the stress that comes with
building your fitness business. You have bills to pay, administration
to deal with, and all that other junk.

Sometimes we forget about the real mission we are on…so never give
up on transforming others. Never forget to bring the energy each
morning to your bootcamps.
The one life you change today could end up bringing a thousand
more transformations into your business in the future.
In my business, we live by this core value:

Change people’s lives: Help them get better and help them reach
their peak potential. Our number one priority is to help people
improve their lives.

We’re dedicated to helping you transform, physically, emotionally,
and of course, financially. We do what we do because, selfishly, we
get so much out of it. Every time we help someone become better, we
get better ourselves.

You can’t out-give the universe, as my friend Yanik Silver says.
When you help someone it will come back to you many fold.

Go out there and throw big rocks in the pond of helping others. The
ripples will turn into waves and the impact you have on the world
will be tremendous.

You might even get your own bobblehead someday. ☺

At the very least, you’ll get feedback like this:

“You really poured your heart and soul into it and that definitely
showed the entire weekend. It was also great to finally let my wife
Sabrina meet the TT family. Great job – can’t wait until next
year!” – Mike Whitfield, 2012 TT Trainer of the Year

To our Ten Million Mission,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer