How To Become An Online Celebrity

At our last 1-day Mastermind in Orange County, attendee Patrick Anderson told me, “The first workout product I bought online was Vince Del Monte’s program. That’s how I found out about you.”

He’s not the first.

In fact, one of my top success stories, Catherine Gordon, came from through the Vince Del Monte world first. Weird, huh?
Patrick, a hip-hop dancer that has traveled the world, also said, “You know, I’ve met all types of famous actors and singers, but when I was at Eben Pagan’s event last year in Chicago, and Vince and Ben stepped into the elevator, I thought to myself, ‘Holy cow, it’s Vince and Ben!'”.

What a great story that shows you how powerful Online Celebrity can be.

In case you missed the recent Success Story call with Vince, here’s the recording. He reveals how he built his multi-million dollar business.

Click here for all of Vince’s Secrets

Over on our $100K Mastermind Google Group, one of my Publishing Partners, Derek Wahler, shared his biggest tips from the call:

Vince’s Email Addiction Secrets
– Own your reader’s attention.
– Get to the point. Don’t be wishy-washy, just say what you mean.
– Be the authority figure. Get rid of the caveats such as, “In my opinion…This may work for you if…, If you’re interested….”
– Tell them EXACTLY what they need to do.
– Add in some drama, conflict, tension in your storytelling. People aren’t going to read long blocks of information. They do want some information, but they also want to be entertained. Paragraphs of 1-3 sentences.
– Book Recommendation – Persuader by Lee Child (non-fiction)
– You want your readers to be waiting for your emails (addicted!) every day. This may seem unrealistic to some, but you have to THINK BIG.

Find ways to make your writing fun and engaging. Fact after fact will eventually bore the crap out of them and they’ll get annoyed that you email them so often.

Vince’s Advice for Life
– Set a few simple rules and stick to them. For example, I’ll work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every week day.
– If you can’t get everything done in those hours, then you’re doing something wrong. Work smarter.
– If you’re busy, then you’re lazy. Focus on 1-2 things every day and get them done. Stop avoiding them to do busy work. Be honest with yourself.

– Make your FB ad copy less “salesy”. Nobody is looking to buy on FB.
– If you’re promoting an opt-in, do something like: “Hey, here’s a free report for all my amazing Facebook friends. I hope you enjoy it! Write how you would talk.

“This was one of my favorite calls, there’s A LOT I left out so you need to listen. Time to step up my writing game!”

Derek Wahler

I replied…

Derek, thank you so much for this feedback. I’d love to hear what others took from it.

BTW, I bet we all have email newsletters we look forward to every day. I’m lucky that many ETR readers email me and say that it is the first thing they read each day.

The one email newsletter that I design my life around (literally, every morning I eat breakfast while reading this one) is from Gary Leff

Gary’s combination of fantasy/escape, photo essays, and new-to-CB content keeps me hooked. I can’t wait to see where he is each morning, and what insider info he will give me.

It’s like how used to be for me (I used to wait until it would arrive so that I could eat lunch while reading it!).


Study your favorite newsletters and model what brings you back to them each day.

Thanks again Derek & Vince, and I look forward to having Vince on another QnA call soon.

Enjoy that call again,

Craig Ballantyne

Build your celebrity and confidence EVERY day.