How to attract the greatest number of eyeballs to your website

I was sitting in my writer’s group, listening to a woman read the third chapter of her 450-page children’s book about ancient Egypt…

The idea was pretty interesting. It was about the first female Pharaoh, and I could tell she’d put a lot of research into it.

“If only I could impress a publisher,” the woman lamented when she finished.

“Do you have a blog?” Our instructor, Keith, asked. “Because if you have a website that gets a lot of hits, you can impress a publisher by proving that you have a ready-made audience for your book.”

Bravo Keith! These days, every author needs a viable website. So does every entrepreneur.

Now I’ll admit that while this conversation was going on, I kept uncharacteristically quiet. I didn’t want to reveal that I’m a part of a program – ETR’s Internet Money Club – that helps people do exactly what they were talking about: create an online presence that will attract the greatest possible number of eyeballs.

Why? Because I know we have only a few spaces left for the next session of this program… and I wanted to save them for you!

It could take someone years to figure out on their own the tricks and tips you learn as a member of the Internet Money Club.

We give you the shortcuts and templates we’ve personally tested to create a successful business website. And once you have your site up and running, we even offer you the chance to have access over 420,000 qualified e-mail prospects… and give you the potential to put your links on some of the highest SEO-ranked websites on the planet.

Since the Internet is a dynamic, ever-changing medium, our Internet Money Club director, Brian Edmondson, goes one step further – offering you a guaranteed lifetime of access to his private, members-only website. He continually updates it with new information, serving as your personal mentor to help you keep your online business growing.

That’s what I like best about the Internet Money Club – the access you get to real, live human beings – our “Brain Trust” of Internet marketing, SEO, and PPC experts. You can ask them questions, pick their brains – even get the chance to meet them personally at our ETR headquarters in sunny Florida.

Frankly, I’m surprised that we’re not charging more for this program. I see the reports every day – and spaces are filling up quickly. Seven days from now, we’ll be closing the doors to registration… and we won’t open them again until December.

So what are you waiting for? Check out your special invitation here – while you still can!

| Here’s To Your Health |

Every year, 220,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 31,000 die of it. Even more alarming, there’s scientific evidence to suggest that any man who lives long enough has a 90% chance of developing this disease.

Mainstream medicine writes it off as an inevitable result of the aging process.

But the health researchers at Natural Health Confidential have tracked down a pioneering physician who maintains that most of these deaths are completely preventable!

In the just-released issue of the Natural Health Confidential newsletter, you’ll discover:

  • Why this doctor – Director of Holistic Urology at New York Presbyterian Cancer Center and Associate Professor of Clinical Urology at Columbia University – believes that surgery is NOT the answer to the problem… even though he, himself, is a surgeon…
  • 6 all-natural disease-fighters that can help stave off prostate and other cancers…
  • 3 simple changes to your diet that could determine whether prostate cancer affects you or passes you by…
  • the “PIN Prevention Protocol” that helps keep prostate cancer from ever developing…

    And much more! Click here for all the details.

| Minting Profits With the World’s Greatest Wholesale |

It’s a known fact that huge corporations have been taking advantage of China’s incredibly low wholesale prices for years.

Corporations like Walmart.

They source in-demand products from China, then resell those products at a hefty mark-up… and make huge profits.

Did you know:

  • More than 80% of Walmart’s suppliers are based in China?
  • In 2007 alone, Walmart imported approximately $32 billion in merchandise from China?
  • 70% of the goods on Walmart’s shelves come from China?
  • The Walton family (the owners of Walmart) was worth $89.5 billion as of March 2010?

That’s how powerful… and how lucrative… the import market can be. Especially when you’re doing business with China.

And now – thanks to The China Wholesale Trader – it’s never been easier for entrepreneurs like you to get a piece of the action.

More than 300 folks have already gotten on board with this system. Here’s what member Tom Gentry has to say about it:

“I got in on The China Wholesale Trader a couple of weeks ago. The promotion was exciting but I wondered in the back of my mind if the program would actually deliver. It did! I’ve completed three deals to date… and it was as easy as you described. I sell imported products online. I’m also helping other entrepreneurs and retailers import products. Thanks a million.”

The sweet thing is, hardly any “small-timers” know how to tap into China’s wholesale market. But with The China Wholesale Trader system, it’s a snap to get started. We show you:

  • What people want to buy right now (and will pay big money for)…
  • How to find in-demand products at super-cheap prices and then quickly “flip” them…
  • How to use one of the most powerful e-commerce websites in the world…
  • How to do it ALL with a minimum of fuss (It’s easy with our “step-by-step,” perpetually updated online system)…
  • And much, much more…


| Faces of Success: Dr. Joe McCaffrey |

Dr. Joe McCaffrey’s first exposure to the Internet was with a dial-up connection, years ago, in the “pre-Amazon” days. He and his wife wanted to buy a replacement for the reproduction of Edward Hopper’s Sunday Morning that hung over their fireplace.

And what he discovered blew his socks off.

“I was looking at poster websites, but then I came across the website of an English guy in Thailand who painted reproductions in acrylic. How long it took to ship the piece depended on how long it took for the paint to dry!”

For Dr. Joe, that experience illustrated the amazing potential of the Internet.

“It was so large it almost seemed impossible,” he said. “The Internet self-selects people interested in your product. Not just one-on-one, but a massive audience.”

So he decided to apply this insight to his personal passion – helping people stay well rather than waiting until they were sick to try to treat them. You see, Dr. Joe is a vascular surgeon. His specialty is cleaning out arteries that have been blocked as a result of years of smoking and/or a bad diet.

“I can count on one hand the number of people I see who want to make significant changes in their lives,” he said. The Internet seemed to be the ideal way to get his message across to a broad audience.

He came across some information on how to do it in Early to Rise, and was hooked. “It was a great jumpstart,” he said. “Once I got started, I just enjoyed learning.”

He attended our 5 Days in July Conference, and created a website,  And today, Joe has 1,700 readers and an archive of articles on everything from why you really need to eat your broccoli to the connection between sleep and childhood obesity. Plus, he’s written a series of reports to “help people live lives of maximum vitality” – including simple exercises to keep your heart strong, how to get a good night’s sleep, how to prevent and treat colds, and more. Next, he’ll be working on a premium product about positive psychology.

To learn more about Joe and receive his special report The Surprising Power of the Heart, click here.

We’re glad we know you, Joe!

| Next Stop: Margaritaville |

One more thing before I sign off this week…

I’m working on a Key West travel guide, so this weekend my friend and I will be heading down Route 1 from Miami… thru Key Largo and Islamorada… across the seven-mile bridge… and on to the southernmost point in the United States.

We’re really happy that Key West is dog friendly – it means we get to bring George with us!

Of course, George won’t be very good at helping us review the many seafood restaurants we expect to enjoy. Chilean sea bass at a gourmet restaurant or raw fish bait in a bucket… it’s all the same to him!

What’s your favorite place to eat at in Key West? Let me know – and we’ll be sure to check it out!