The Salesman Responsible for the Kardashians and Tony Little Infomercials

One man launched the careers of the Kardashians, Tony Little, Billy Mays Hays, and so many more, all while selling over one billion dollars worth of goods…all because he invented a new way of selling.

His name? Kevin Harrington.

His job? To knock everyone’s socks off at our Info Summit. And he did.

At 58 years old, he spoke with more energy than a 22-year old. He was a master StorySeller.

And his secrets below will help you become a SALES PRO too.

– Craig


From Mastermind Member, Corey Benschop…

Wow! What an amazing Info Summit. So happy to connect with you all that attended, it was simply a blast! Plus met some really interesting people in other industries that had some great ideas.

I wanted to do a short recap of Kevin Harrington’s presentation for those of you that were not able to attend this weekend. (I hope this is beneficial to you, but I’m sorry to say that you missed a heck of a presentation. That man is incredible.)

The Discover, Demonstrate, Dominate System for…Domination!


-What is your idea/product?
–  Does it solve a problem? Ease a pain? Improve on an existing biz model? (It should do one of those)
–    ALWAYS test before you invest.

Demonstrate – Tease, Please, & Seize

–    Hook audience with an attention grabbing problem (headline)
–    Try to show your benefits and solutions in your program and how they created a magical transformation for people (do it in a unique way)
–    Do your best to ease the pain.
–    Must have support w/ testimonials and documentation (big players are starting to look for clinical research and studies to support claims)
–    5 types of testimonials:
–    Consumer testimonials: user who got results
–   Professional testimonials: Industry pro’s that support your product
–    Editorial testimonials: features in/support from an editorial, newspaper, or magazine of some sort
–   Celebrity testimonials: A-list/B-list/C-list celebrity support
–   Documentation: product testing or clinical data supporting claims
–   Don’t be afraid to seize the sale, ask for the order, & sell your darn product! Just always deliver at least 10x the investment and bring your true passion


– Focus on “new media” rather than old media

–  Millions of networks advertising to few people (basically ALL internet based networks) vs. a few networks that advertise to many (tv, radio, print)
–  Branch out and start multicasting (podcasts [feel free to contact me if you are interested in starting a podcast] book publishing, blogs, social networks, mobile casts, webinars, local radio)

The BIG message was to be true to yourself and your passion, be creative in how you advertise yourself, start thinking outside the box in terms of networking and connecting your brand to the marketplace. Kevin opened the opportunity to the Mastermind group to pitch him an idea or product if they think it would be something he might be interested in.

Thanks Corey, very helpful. I also re-read Kevin’s book Act Now! at the Info Summit, and I highlighted 14 Kevin Harrington Credo’s (I love #14). Review one each day.

Kevin Harrington Credos

1) Don’t sell the product – sell the story.

2) Never stop looking for the next hot deal.

3) A good partner will sit down with you when there’s a problem, listen to you carefully, explain their position, and work with you to resolve the situation, looking for common ground that will leave both of you satisfied by the solution.

4) In choosing partners, there is no substitute for commitment.

5) Always look to do business with people you would happily invite to Christmas dinner.

6) In business, as in a marriage, any dispute that leads to bringing in the lawyers is likely to end with everyone worse off.

7) Knocking on a series of wrong doors can be frustrating, but if you’re paying attention, it can also lead to valuable insights.

8) When you have a deal that is not just good for you but good for the other guy as well – never let the door close.

9) “No” doesn’t necessarily mean “never”. Sometimes it means, “You haven’t offered me something irresistible. You haven’t offered me something I can’t afford to turn down.”

10) You can get yourself in front of important people, people who everyone else would say are totally inaccessible, by letting them know you can make them a lot of money.

11) Use believable, enthusiastic, real people to praise the product for you.

12) Take advantage of sudden opportunities by having great partners and an agile team.

13) If the product is really strong, you don’t need a celebrity.

14) Life’s a pitch, and then they buy. 🙂
Love that last line,

Craig Ballantyne

“There are an infinite number of new opportunities. Actively seek them out, and position yourself to recognize and take advantage of them.” – Kekich Credo #68