How Can I Clean Out My Arteries Without Surgery?

“I need your advice. I had an angiogram and I have 3 plugged arteries. The doctor at Stanford hospital said the dye they use in heart surgery may damage my kidneys to a point where I might need dialysis from then on. I am hoping you have a suggestion to clean out my arteries without surgery and kidney damage.”

Peter K.
Manteca, CA

Dear Peter,

You might want to look into chelation therapy. While it is widely used to remove heavy metals from the body, it has recently been successfully used as a non-surgical treatment for clearing the arteries.

Chelation (from the Greek word “chele,” which means “to claw”) uses a chemical reagent – ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA), tetrathiomolybdate (TTM), DMSA (succimer), penicillamine, metallothionein (MT), and others – to grab onto a mineral and cause the body to excrete it in the urine. And there are several theories on how it works to clear the arteries.

One theory is that chelation directly removes calcium found in fatty plaques that block the arteries, causing the plaques to break up. Another theory is that it may stimulate the release of a hormone that, in turn, causes calcium to be removed from the plaques or causes a lowering of cholesterol levels. A third theory is that chelation therapy may work by reducing the damaging effects of oxygen ions (oxidative stress) on the walls of the blood vessels. Reducing oxidative stress could reduce inflammation in the arteries and improve blood vessel function.

Chelation has been found to be a safe, effective alternative to coronary bypass surgery or balloon angioplasty. The average cost is about $100-$125/treatment, with 20 to 30 treatments normally prescribed. It is typically not covered by insurance (which means $2,000-$4,000 out of pocket), but is far less costly or invasive than bypass surgery.

The Integrative Medicine Group at Stanford may be able to help you find a physician in your area offering chelation therapy. Also, you may be interested to know that a clinical trial is being run by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The “Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy” will involve more than 2,000 patients at more than 120 locations (including Stanford). You may be eligible. Find it online at Frequently asked questions can be found at

Remember, chelation is not a cure-all. Like surgery and drugs, it doesn’t treat the underlying cause of the problem. That’s why it is essential to embark upon a full-spectrum wellness program that includes healthy dietary changes and exercise. I’m not a physician, so make sure you check with your primary care physician about all your options.

– Kelley Herring

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  • Great article!

    However, Shane Ellison wrote an ETR article 04/19/2008 promoting Hawthorn as an inexpensive way to clean your heart and arteries at:

    Is your advice for people who need a quicker way to remove fatty plaque?

    And can I assume Ellison’s advice for cleaning fatty plaques is more of a preventative method?

  • Kelley Herring

    Hi Girard!
    Yes, you are right. Hawthorn is a great preventive and therapeutic measure for the heart and arteries. And using it (combined with a healthy lifestyle, of course) may reduce the need for more intensive treaments like chelation or invasive surgeries like bypass. As always, talk with your doctor about your personal situation.

  • bell

    Crazy, but I remember reading somewhere once that Wine-O’s (drunks who drink a lot of red wine) don’t have clogged arteries. Do you need to become a Wine-O, probably not – and would probably not be good for you – but is there some truth to this, can you clean your arteries with red wine – does it really work – perhaps?

  • jacrow

    do not wast your money on chelaion…. I spent almost two hundred dollars with the understqnding I would feel the differance in three weeks. That did not happen. with the research I’ve done there is not a chemical availble that will help you. PLEASE DO YOUR RECEARCH BEFORE YOU BYE.THESE COMANPIES DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.;………. IT IS THE MONEY,………..

  • You will not be wasting your money on chelation therapy. I had 20 treatments recently. Ten treatments of EDTA and ten of hydrogen peroxide. I have had other chelation treatments in the past. I have had my arteries checked and they are clear. I’m in my early 50’s. No matter how many treatments you have you are not going to feel any different. Whether your arteries are clogged or clear you can’t feel the difference. As they say the first symptom of a heart attack is usually death.

  • chuck

    hey bruce if your arteries are clear what difference do you think you should feel? the treatments thier talking about are for people with real problems. thier not going to benifit someone without a problem

  • Bob Baumgardner

    Cayenne Powder taken orally with warm water and some raw honey will expand the arteries and break loose the platelets. Nattokinase from japan taken will eat the fibrin in the plaque to prevent it from going to the heart.
    Magnesium Chloride from Ancient Minerals can clean all the tissue inside the body. I drink Cayenne Powder two times a day, and take the Magnesium Chloride Oil externally every morning. Google it and find out!

  • William Thomas

    Serrapeptase has been used in Asia and Europe for over 25 years. One of its uses is to remove arterial plaque. It’s called the miracle enzyme. It’s claimed to be quicker and more effective than chelation therapy. Do your research. I’ve been using it since November of 2015.

    • Linda Langton-Kroetsch

      What kind of issues did you have…just curious and why you are using this product…I have PAD and am currently doing IV chelation.

      • William Thomas

        I used it for about 18 months, one dose a day, and then reduced to about two doses a week for a while. I am using Serrapeptase because it is reported to reduce arterial plaque. It seems to be working. I’m 70 years old and have been running for 48 years. I like to run and want to continue. Besides I’d like to live for a long time if possible. I suggest you do some research. It’s been used in Asia and Europe for over 25 years. In some European countries, like Germany, it is the preferred treatment for athersclerosis. Again do you own research.

      • Linda Langton-Kroetsch

        I have been looking into it, I just wondered if you actually had symptoms from atherosclerosis, I have leg pain that got quite severe from narrowed arteries…I wonder if this will help get rid of the plaque, do you know??

      • William Thomas

        Yes I have atherosclerosis. As I said I took it to help clear my arteries. It’s worth a try. The pills are not expensive. Again do your research. Start with an internet search. There a lot of articles to review.

      • Linda Langton-Kroetsch

        Is there any particular brand that is better?