Harsh Questions

t was my life’s work. But was it good enough?

Was my selling and sales copy good enough to truly demonstrate the value of Turbulence Training to the world.

The answer was probably NO!

So it was back to the old drawing board. I spent a lot of this year improving my Turbulence Training program and working with Gary, our head copywriter at ETR, to put together a better sales letter.

Gary did a TON of research and we created the new and improved Turbulence Training 2.0. It’s probably the most researched sales letter in the fat loss workout world. Gary is a champ.

But it all started with asking several harsh questions about my product that you need to ask about yours as well.
After all, why would ANYONE buy what you have to offer? You MUST have a good answer for this.

You need great answers for these HARSH questions as well. (Thanks to my mentor, Michael Masterson, for sharing these questions in his epic book, “Ready Fire Aim”.)

1)    How will your product enhance your customer’s lives?
2)    Why is this “different” from everything else out there?
3)    Why should the customer choose your product over your competitors?
4)    What are the flaws of your product?
5)    What are all of the objections someone would have to purchasing?
6)    Where is the copy confusing, unbelievable, or boring?
7)    What is your dramatic demonstration of proof to back up my claims?

All of these must be answered, with clarity, and from the perspective of the reader. You can’t outsource any of this, because no one knows the market, the product, and the mission as well as I do.

Don’t be lazy. Don’t try to outsource the selling of your “thing”. No one will ever do as good of a job as you. In fact, even their best efforts will be worse than yours on a mediocre day.

“Even if you find the best copywriter in your industry, you cannot abandon your job as your company’s master marketer. You have to direct the copywriter to use their skills to sell your particular product at a particular price to a particular market. Nobody but you can be in charge of that.” – Mark Ford (aka, Michael Masterson)

Make sure that you can answer those questions about your products, your clients, and your copy.

Spend some time on those questions this weekend.

It will make all the difference in your life,

Craig Ballantyne
“For maximum profits, identify and market universal needs, wants and trends. Creating desire, satisfying needs and wants and replacing problems with creative innovations are the essence of the profit generation.” – Kekich Credo #70

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