Hardcore Workout Finishers

Yesterday morning, after a TT-style workout of:

Squats, Kettlebell Swings, Front Squats, and Ab Wheel Rollouts

…I was walking home when I passed a 50-year old guy shuffling down the street.

He was wearing a shirt that said, “Your workout is my warm-up.”

Uh, yeah, right bud. Whatever.

I’m not a big fan of people that talk a big game. I prefer the understated approach…I prefer people that let their actions do the talking.

You see, there was this one guy at the TT Summit that impressed me. In fact, he’s there at almost every seminar I speak at. He doesn’t say much, and he certainly is a loud-mouth, high-energy, in-your-face kind of fitness ‘guru’, like so many of the sell-outs on television.

Instead, this guy is just committed to getting amazing results for his clients.

And at the TT Summit, when we had the annual push-up contest, guess who was still going at 60 reps, after every other competitor haddropped out.

This guy => Travis “Rhymes with Pretzel” Stoetzel

This guy’s workouts are TRULY tough. They are hard-to-the-core…and that’s the kind of body his workouts will deliver as well.

Here’s how my down-home, mid-western buddy, Travis describes his hard-to-the-core training system:

“OK so, I’m not sure about you, but when I workout I like to get after it. It’s always good to get into the gym and just let loose. You know, let off a bit a steam.

One of my favorite ways to relieve some stress within my workouts is with sledgehammer swings. Unconventional maybe, but it’s becoming more mainstream as you might have seen on TV, in a fitness magazine, or maybe you’ve already done them??

Either way, if you have, you know how fun these are and all I know is, their super effective!

(CB says, “You bet…and I loved chopping wood when I was a kid out on the farm…sledgehammer swings are ALMOST as good!)

In short, what you do for sledgehammer swings is take a sledgehammer and then slam it onto a tire or other ‘smash-friendly’ object, and repeat that for a certain amount of time or reps.

Sledgehammer swings work your core, shoulders, legs, lungs…  everything.

You’ll be worked over and you’ll feel awesome plus: when you add these into your workouts the right way, you’ll see some amazing results.

(CB says, if you don’t have a sledgehammer, you can do medicine ball slams instead.)

Here’s one of my sample Sledgehammer Madness Finishers: For 2 Mins, do “As Many Reps As Possible” (AMRAP) Of:

1A) Sledge Hammer Swing x 10
1B) 1 Arm DB OR KB Power Snatch x 5 (one arm only)
1C) Sledge Hammer Swing x 10
1D) 1 Arm DB OR KB Power Snatch x 5 (with opposite arm of 1B)

***Rest 1 Min in between AMRAP sets and Repeat for 4 Total Rounds

***SCORE = Total Reps / Rounds completed + weight used for weighted movements

Test that out after your next session and make sure to let me know how you do and if you want more, get them here —> Hardcore Finishers 2.0 – Travis Stoetzel


That’s how you get lean, ripped, and in shape, just like the TT Summit Push-up Champion, Travis Stoetzel.

Now, what’s so cool about these “hardcore” workout finishers is that Travis has demo / coaching videos for each one which helps ensure that you know exactly how to do each finisher and if you need to modify things up, you’ll be shown exactly how to do it.

For example, if you’re not sure on how to do sledgehammer swings, you’ll discover exactly how to do so through the coaching videos.

In addition, Travis makes each of these finishers even more exciting as there’s always a way to “score” yourself with each one.

With this, you’ll push harder each time you perform a hardcore finisher as you’ll want to try and beat your previous score each time.

This will easily help increase your results.

If you thought the above “Twin Killers” finisher was cool, wait until you see what else is in store for you…

—> Get over 30 Hardcore Workout Finishers (plus coaching videos)

Just be ready to let loose on these intense finishers

Train hard but safe but HARD,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – This hard-to-the-core program is…

…perfect for our month of Diet Depletion.

And yes, I’m still hitting 100% with my goals.

I’ll have a big update for you this week…just finished the best meal of the weekend, and I’ll tell you all about it soon.

Until then, Finish Your Workout Hard-to-the-Core!