Set Your Goals Using this Plan

Do me a huge favor, will you?

If, I mean, WHEN, you use the Internet Moneyball system that I gave to you on Monday, please let me know your results?


That gets me fired up. Like how one of our Black Smith camp attendees contacted me on Facebook the other day to let me know she was done University and was off to Milan to work in her industry.

That’s so freaking awesome…It made my day.

And you can make my day too, when you take action.

(On Friday I’ll tell you about two other guys, Rick Kaselj and Mike Whitfield that are taking action on my advice and reporting big jumps in their businesses. I’m as proud as the day ol’ Bally the Dog first started lifting his leg to whiz. And I was really, REALLY proud that day.)

Alright, back to your numbers…

We’re not done breaking them down and showing you how to make more money by adding more value to the world.

Everyone wants to make more money…but do you have a PLAN to do so? to do so?

At our 1st Fitness Info Mastermind event of the year in Vegas last January, one member told the group that her 2012 goal was to hit $200,000 from online sales.

But that’s where the plan ended.

The goal ‘sounded nice’, but it didn’t have a process in place to get her to that outcome. It was just an abstract dream.

So I broke it down for the group.

And now I’ll break it down for you…

For the sake of keeping it simple, we’ll pretend that she has an average customer value of $100. (When you do this exercise for your business, make sure to adjust up or down as needed based on reality.)

For her goal of $200K in 2012…

$200,000 = 2000 customers at $100

Next, let’s pretend that every affiliate in her industry has the potential to send her 50 sales.

In addition, let’s also pretend that every time she has a guest article featured on a big blog or website in her industry that it also sends her 50 sales.

That means she needs to have 40 partners (affiliates or guest website posts) in order to hit 2000 customers.

40 partners x 50 sales/partner = 2000 customers = $200K

Now let’s pretend that for every 10 partners she contacts, ONE of them says “Yes, I will promote you.”

That means she needs to contact 400 potential partners in order to get 40 active partners.

So what’s her real goal for the next year?

It’s not $200,000.

Her real goal is simply contacting TWO partners per day.

If she contacts TWO potential partners on 200 working days this year, that means she’ll have contacted 400 partners.

If 10% of 400 say yes, and they each send 50 sales, she ends up getting her 2000 sales, and at $100 per customer, she hits $200,000.


That’s a simple version of knowing your numbers and working them in order to reach your long-term goal.

That’s how you turn an abstract $200,000 goal into a concrete action plan. Of course, you’ll also need to write proven ‘done-for-you’ emails for your partners, and you’ll need to constantly improve your sales funnel and upsell flow, but the basic premise holds true.

So listen, we have 5.5 months left in the year. Still lots of time to hit some big goals.

You can do it.

Start by taking your big 2012 revenue goals and breaking them down into daily actions.

Then get to work on implementing your PROCESS goals (two contacts per day) in order to reach your outcome goal (400 contacts, 2000 customers, and $200,000 in revenue).

This is the exact same process I would take as a personal trainer advising a client on fat loss.

First, I’d show them that to lose 30 pounds in 3 months that they would need to have 90% diet compliance and go to the gym 4 times per week.

Those are the process goals.

Then we’d break the diet and workouts down into meal planning and sets and reps.

After breaking everything down, I’d send them away with a specific action plan – or ‘marching orders’, as my friend Bedros likes to say.

Now back to your goal.

Look back at what you said you wanted to accomplish this year – or simply set a new goal for the rest of 2012.

Then break down your numbers and create a plan to implement process goals on the way to achieving your big goal. Identify the exact steps you plan on taking to get there.

Have your daily number and hit it each day. THAT’S how you play Internet Moneyball.

Keep on pushing,

Craig Ballantyne

You can quit when you’re dead. Until then, don’t give up.