How to Go Viral (part 1)

Hey, just have time for a quick note today because Bedros and I are off to Joe Polish’s $25K group Mastermind here in Phoenix.

We’re connecting with big names in the book and speaking world, and taking our own advice of always getting coaching.

As Bedros always says, “Never peak.”

You and I must always be improving. Never get complacent. Never be satisfied…

…because it’s all downhill from the day you decide to coast.

That’s when you start making the wrong decisions for your life and you’ll actually end up frustrated and losing your freedom… but that’s another message for another day.

Today we focus on getting your content to go viral.

I’ve recently had a big viral hit and want to share my experience and the formula used to do so…

A chapter from my Perfect Day Formula book has been getting a ton of publicity and has sent 200,000 visitors to

The 10-3- 2-1- 0 chapter has been featured on, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, multiple Australian media sites, and on their version of the Today show. It started with Inc., followed with this popular article.

But it was this opinion piece that really allowed my content to take off…

Delivering my advice in the 10-3- 2-1- 0 formula format gives people something easy to remember AND also something easy for them to disagree with.

The authors, and commenters, now have a simple formula to disagree with and tell me why I’m wrong!

Ha, so if you want your content to go viral, expect the benefits to come with many ‘haters’ as well.

Such is the nature of online comments…

Oh, and here’s a clip of my formula being featured on Australian television:

Screen shot 2016 06 21 at 7.22.27 am

The big lesson, for any content you create in the future, is to come up with easy-to- remember formulas that people can share … and disagree with!

Leverage your big ideas,

Craig Ballantyne

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