Get to Know Me (and Bieber)


That’s how many interviews, radio shows, and podcasts I’ve done this year to promote my book, The Perfect Day Formula.

This virtual book tour has helped me sell thousands of copies, but more importantly, I’ve become a better storyteller, a better speaker, and a better writer because of it.

And I’m going to do another 101 interviews in 2017 as well.

Until then, here’s a quick written interview where you’ll get to know a lot more about me. And don’t miss the link at the bottom that tells the full story of how I’ve made the BIG transition from fitness to into my new career.

Let me know if you still have any questions!


Q: Craig, where were you born?


Stratford, Ontario.

As a conversation starter, I always like to tell people I have the same hometown as Justin Bieber. He sometimes visits the same gym at the YMCA that I use. It’s funny though, because aside from him and me, the YMCA is only used by people over 65. So you can imagine what a strange group that would look like…

… There’s me deadlifting in the corner, ten nice, older folks walking on the treadmill, and Bieber doing pull-ups with his shirt off… all on a Sunday morning at 8am. (Don’t ask me why Bieber was in the gym on a Sunday morning at 8am because I don’t know.)

Q: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?


Not Justin Bieber.

But, like many Canadians (including Bieber), I wanted to play in the NHL (National Hockey League). I realized pretty quickly that wasn’t happening, and eventually I had a goal of being a Strength & Conditioning Coach in the NHL.

That goal led me to college where I earned a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. And that led to me writing for Men’s Health and then creating Turbulence Training, and the rest is history.

Q: How are you able to make that dream come true through your work at


My goal is to help people, inform, and entertain people, and ultimately transform their lives. ETR does this all day, every day, through our programs, videos, and articles.

We’re even helping people while we sleep, thanks to the power of the Internet. It’s amazing how ETR has helped the world over the last 17 years, and I’m looking forward to serving people for many, many more years to come with your help.

Q: What’s your favorite core value at ETR?


We have 8 core values at ETR, and my favorite is:

#1 – Dedicated to Improving Others

I certainly live #8 (Never Give Up), and the one where I could do a lot better is #6 (Customer Service), but my life has been dedicated to #1.

From the homework I did in high school in order to get into my University of choice, to the long hours I put in the library and laboratory at McMaster University to get my degrees, almost all of my working hours have been dedicated to finding the information needed to give to others to help them get more results in less time.

Q: How does it feel to know you are helping making people’s dreams come true through the products and services you offer at ETR and through your annual Toys for Tots Charity Drive (that’s happening tomorrow in Denver)?


It hits me the hardest when I read customer emails, TT Transformation Contest entries, and Amazon book reviews, and when I meet people at events.

It’s still hard to comprehend that a stranger has watched one of our videos, read one of our articles, done a TT workout, or used a copywriting tip to make a HUGE change in their life. I’m so grateful that we have a positive impact on the world.

It’s even better when I see our team members, like our Certified TT Trainers, Lesa Gutenkunst and Daniel Woodrum, receiving teary-eyed testimonials about how they have changed someone’s life in their gyms.

It’s amazing. It’s like experiencing the love and the power of Toys for Tots shopping every day!

Q: What’s your dream holiday destination?


Well, first, I think that everyone should go to Italy at least once in life. I went with a group of friends back in 2013 and it was everything you could have hoped for. So I’m hoping to get back there again.

And for some reason I like dreary, rainy England, and I want to go back and watch more soccer games (hopefully with Barry Dunlop again, too!).

But the two countries I want to visit most are Vietnam and the Philippines. I’d really like to meet our Customer Service team in the Philippines.

Of course, each year I always go back to Lithuania, too, for our event. 2017 is going to be our best group of students ever.

Q: What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you… but should?


Hmmm, well, you know that I’m a GQ model, right? (If you don’t know that story, you can read this.)

Otherwise, most people don’t know my birthday, but want to … however for some reason I really don’t like people knowing it. It doesn’t bother me if people know how old I am (I was born in 1975), but I just don’t like birthday celebrations. So when people ask, I tell them my birthday is either September 14th or January 1st… whichever is farther away. There are a few people that know my real birthday, but they are sworn to secrecy!


That was fun.

Now about my “career transformation”…

I want you to read this and realize you’re never too old or too young to take charge of your life and change your career path. This is the 3rd major time I’ve done it in life, and I imagine there are still a few more twists and turns on my journey in the future.

You CONTROL your days. You OWN your life. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do!

So here you go… enjoy Jason Leister’s profile of me and my business transformation:


Get to know me and my big goals and dreams,

Craig Ballantyne

“Identify exactly what it is that you want. This takes a lot of thought. Then don’t let anything stand in your way of getting it.” – Kekich Credo #56 … Set your goals. Write them down. Keep them with you. Review them daily. Make a vision board. Look at it weekly. Create your vision. Know you destination. And never stop moving towards it.