FREE workouts: Perky Butt or Awesome Arms

“Privyet!” From Russia with love. I just started a 17-day European vacation (no, not with the Griswolds), starting in St. Petersburg followed by Moscow, Vilnius, Istanbul, and London. It’s all part of my 6th annual trip to Lithuania to teach at an entrepreneurship camp.

Along the way I’ll be experimenting with hotel gym workouts and NO-equipment bodyweight workouts. I’ll try and send you some updates, but the Internet connection can be a little slow. But I’ll do my best!

To make up for any lapses in workouts coming your way, I’m doing double duty today and deliver both a Perky Butt program and an advanced Awesome Arms session (this one is straight from my playbook). Let’s start with the Perky Butt program, or as they say in Russia (according to Google), the Perky Popka Program. 🙂 

4-Minute Perky Popka Workout
– Do each exercise for 30 seconds per side. 
– Do not rest between exercises.
– Take 2 seconds to lower and 1 second to raise (represented by the tempo 2-0-1).
– The Plank and Bird Dog are holding exercises and do not use a tempo.
– Rest 1 minute at the end of the circuit.
– Repeat up to 2 more times.

*1A) Step-up on Bench or Reverse Lunge 
1B) 1-Leg Lying Hip Extension 
1C) 1-Leg Plank Hold with Butt Squeeze
1D) Bird Dog Hold with Butt Squeeze 

*Hold dumbbells at sides or put barbell on shoulders if bodyweight only is too easy. 

Like that? 

Get more butt workouts here…for a Perky Popka in any language 😉 

Alright, enough goofing around, comrade. Time to train like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. This is straight out of my playbook, and uses many of the exercises I did in my garage gym workout on the farm back in Canadia.

Ivan Craiggo Awesome Arms
– Do each exercise for 40 seconds. 
– Rest 20 seconds between exercises.
– Take 3 seconds to lower and 1 second to raise (represented by the tempo 3-0-1).
– Rest 1 minute at the end of the circuit.
– Repeat up to 2 more times.

1A) Decline Close-Grip Pushup
1B) Chin-up 
1C) DB Triceps Extension
1D) DB Incline Curl (alternate sides)

For extra KGB credit, comrade:

2A) Farmer Walks (walk holding dumbbells) – 90 seconds
2B) TRX Triceps Extensions – 10 reps

Had enough?  

Good, I was worried you were going to say, “Nyet”.

But look at me showing off with my extensive knowledge of Russian. Ha.

Ok, time to board the train to Moscow. I’ll try to get a photo of me doing Spiderman Pushups in the Red Square…that sounds much better than Prisoner Squats in Siberia.

From Russia with tough Turbulent love,

Craiggo Ballantinov, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Want a killer butt like Brigette Nielsen in Rocky IV?

Then remember…

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