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We had such an amazing Mastermind in Miami that I’m still talking about it almost a month later. You know we had 7-figure copywriters Shaun Hadsall and Joel Marion teaching us secrets to improve our website conversions, but we also had a competition for “Internet Marketer of the Year”.

Our winner was Rick Kaselj. Why? Because he has content like this, a complete guide to getting FREE traffic to your website, and he’s happy to share it with you. Enjoy. – Craig

How to Get Free Traffic
By Rick Kaselj, $100K MM Internet Marketer of the Year

Trying to buy traffic is tough. And expensive. So you should start here…

#1 – Fastest Track to FREE Traffic is Affiliates (#1 short-term strategy)

Get affiliates to promote your product. When they promote you, you need to collect these numbers to take to other affiliates that are even bigger.

Affiliate name =

Emails sent =

Open rate =

Click Through Rate (CTR) =

Conversion =

Take rate of Upsell #1 =

Take rate of Upsell #2 =

Take rate of Upsell #3 =

Revenue from Upsells =

% of Revenue from Upsells =

Earnings Per Click (EPC) =

Total Affiliate Commission =

EPE (Earnings Per Email) =

Feedback from Affiliate on How this email or promo was =

#2 – Aggressively Get Your Message Out: Bang Your Drum

Contact high traffic:

~ Blogs

~ Podcasts

~ YouTube Channels

Go into Google and type in “Top BLANK Blog” or “Top BLANK Podcasts”

For example:




#3 – Build An Authority Site (long-term strategy)

Do this with a blog and YouTube.

Distribute the content with Facebook and Twitter.

A blog is a long-term strategy. Look at one of the most popular health blogs on the internet – Listen to his story here

Mark started his blog in 2006 (12:21 minute mark of the interview). In 2006 he wrote every day for a year. After a year of writing every day, he got 1000 visitors a day. After writing for another year, every day, he had 2200 unique visitors a day, and it kept growing. Blogging is a long-term strategy.

The same goes for building a YouTube Channel. It is a long-term strategy. An example is Elliot Hulse –

Getting free traffic is simple, but it takes work & patience. However, I know you are serious about success so you are in this for the long-term.

Do it,
Rick Kaselj
$100K Info MM Internet Marketer of the Year

Traffic and conversion are key and will set you free,

Craig Ballantyne

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Who knows, one day you might be our Internet Marketer of the Year. Anything is possible when you focus and get a mentor.