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If you need some free coaching, here’s the man to give it to you today…since I’m on another flight. This time I’m headed from San Diego through LAX all the way over to Cleveland. Interesting weekend coming up.

So that’s why we have Rick Kaselj stepping in today to coach you.

Hopefully you all know how proud I am of this man. It’s been a real pleasure to watch his personal and professional growth since 2009 (when he first started my phone coaching program).

I didn’t expect things would get this far, but he’s turned from employee to entrepreneur to businessman to business, man. What a journey it has been to watch Rick Kaselj become the legendary mentor that he now is … here on the VM and in our $100K Info Mastermind, too.

Rick rocks. Rick rolls.
Top Dawg!

Recently Rick started taking coaching calls. And he’s delivering GREAT and powerful wisdom, as one would expect from a wise ol’ owl with big cajones. Here’s some of his best, just for you.

Rick Kaselj wrote…

Few things that have come out of this week’s coaching calls:

#1 – The Amazing Beginner Blueprint Roadmap

Work hard to understand who your audience is, what they want and where you can find them. I find people are looking less for a huge program but looking for something that specifically solves a problem. People want ONE solution to solve ONE big problem. Deliver that to them.

After doing your market research, follow this – FREE – amazing road map for those starting out:

$100K in 12 Months (Part 1)

$100K in 12 Months – Part 2: Getting Affiliates

$100K in 12 Months (Part 3 – The Right Attitude)

$100K in 12 Months (Part 4 – The Launch)

Finally, continue your education by buying other people’s products in your marketplace to see how the upsell flows and download pages look (you should even record this with Camtasia or Screenflow).

#2 – For Facebook Fan Pages, look at:


Remember the Facebook Fan Page the goal is:
– Market research
– To get them on your email list and then solve their problems

#3 – To Get MORE Done

Most of my content is now transcriptions of videos

I’m not saying this is the only way to do things but it is the easiest way for me to create content and after surveying my list, they asked for more video. If they don’t want to watch the video, then they can read or scan the blog post/video transcription.

I use something called “Snag It” to screen capture video and image

I use this to explain tasks to my assistant. I used to get a VA, as well as to find my transcriptionist, graphic designer, etc. Specifically, I use females from the Philippines that have 1000 hours experience with Odesk.

Wise advice from an experienced success story.

Thank you Rick.

Keep Rocking,

Craig Ballantyne
The World needs good people like YOU now more than ever. There is so much negativity in every day life and we need positive leaders like you.