Fitness QnA – Bodyweight Circuit Challenge

Today’s QnA mailbag gives you a really challenging bodyweight circuit and a link to one of my favorite Youtube videos that I’ve filmed.

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Here’s the link to more information – plus a great audio interview I did with my friend Bedros Keuilian who will be my special guest at the TT Trainer Summit:


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Now for this week’s Turbulence Training QnA.

Question: “You have Cable Chops and Cable Face Pulls in the new TT for Buff Guys and Hot Gals. I need a substitute for those cable exercises and for V-Grip pullups? Can I also replace all barbell exercises with dumbbells as well (being that I don’t have a barbell)?” – Kbar12


1) Cable chops replacement: Cross-body mountain climbers

2) Face Pull replacement: DB rear delt raise

3) V-Grip Pullups: DB row or DB Pullover

And yes, it’s not a problem to replace barbell exercises with dumbbell exercises, or vice-versa.

Question: “On your blog, you listed a “big shoulder warm-up” that you do before bench pressing. What does that include?” – Teddy

Answer: Great question.

Here’s how it goes:

1) Foam Rolling – 15 rolls for upper back, and then for the back of each shoulder
2) Arm Crosses – 20 reps per side
3) Band Pulls – 25 reps
4) Stick-ups – 20 reps
5) Stretching

I filmed a video of this warm-up here:

It’s an extremely thorough video, and I really enjoyed filming it for you.

As Certified TT Trainer Daniel Woodrum said, “I’ve been implementing these shoulder warm-up exercises on a daily basis for the past several months after they were presented in the TT trainer newsletter. There’s been a noticeable difference in my shoulder mobility and upper body lifts.

They are well worth the extra few minutes before a workout or even on off days at home. Great stuff Craig!”

Thanks Daniel.

Question: “I just finished up your TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding Workout C challenge this morning at 6:30am following a night of ] totally broken sleep .

All number’s are “as many reps as possible in 3 minutes” EXCEPT for the squats which were 5 minutes.

As instructed, there are 2 minutes of rest between exercises.

1 Chinups – 35 reps
2 Close stance squats – 163 reps
3 Close grip pushups – 69 reps
4 Burpee/Pullup combo – 17 reps
5 Reverse lunges – 92 reps
6 Stability ball jackknives – 46 reps
7 Stability ball leg curls – 70 reps
8 Inverted row on rings – 53 reps
9 Pushups – 80 reps

Total Score: 625 reps

I’m quite pleased with this score as I’ve been really inconsistent with my workouts over the last couple of months.

Anyone else up to the challenge and ready to beat my score?” – Neil

Answer: Neil, great work.

I’m going to pass this weekend, as I’ve just started up a new strength training program, but if anyone tries this out, let us know your score.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer