Fight for the Fitness Industry

Dear Colleague,

It’s time to raise the bar.

It’s time to get people to take the role of “Personal Trainer” as seriously as you and I take our roles every single day.

When the average person thinks of a personal trainer, they often picture a washed-up bodybuilder in windpants and holding a clipboard, counting reps and speaking in a thick, German accent (like Hanz and Franz!).

But if we want to change the perception of our industry, and if we want to change the world, we must unite and do this together.



Doing the best you can with what you have been given.

This is a call to arms to you, to your clients, to your personal growth, and to building up everyone around you.

Here’s how you can do it. Here’s how you can improve yourself, your business, and your clients, all at once.

It starts by attending the 3rd Turbulence Training Summit in San Diego.

This is for serious trainers only – those that want to change the world.

The TT Summit weekend will mark a shift in what you believe is possible.

You will take home the Four Pillars of Success and apply them to all areas of your life, while at the same time having a dramatically new and powerful system for helping creating change and incredible transformations in the clients you serve.

As a result, your business will transform, grow, and expand like never before.

Everything you’ve always wanted can be yours.

While you might be struggling with obstacles, naysayers, or even internal resistance, all of those roadblocks will be cleared this weekend thanks to the experts that Turbulence Training has brought in to teach you.

Martin Rooney will expand your mindset with the most energetic presentation and bootcamp sessions you’ve ever experienced.

John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein will help you become Fitness Famous with just a few simple secrets that helped them hit the NY Times Bestseller list.

Bedros Keuilian will give you a proven, yet politically incorrect Blueprint for attracting more clients into your business – and more money into your life – all without the dishonor of hard selling.

And Turbulence Trainers Kate Vidulich, Brian Kalakay, and Mike Whitfield will show you their secrets of success for generating more clients through word-of-mouth referrals and even through the Internet. Plus, you’ll discover how to maximize your efforts and work LESS while making MORE money.

It’s the ultimate business-building weekend for elite personal trainers.

Of course, each morning will kick off with a mind-blowing bootcamp workout experience on the rooftop of one of San Diego’s hottest hotels. You’ll train with myself, elite TT Trainers, and of course, our special guest, Martin Rooney, who will bring the energy and unique exercises like no one else can.

Your life-changing weekend begins on June 21st in San Diego.

See you there.

But hurry, 128 experts are already attending and there is a hard cap on attendance at 150 trainers. That means there are only 22 spots remaining and the price also increases this Friday (if any seats even remain).

Reserve your spot at the life-changing TT Summit here
To your Transformation and future success,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Don’t tell me…

…that you live too far away. We have fitness experts signed up to come from Malaysia, Australia, and Europe.

No more excuses. If you want to play up a level, then it’s time to make that decision and bring the energy down to San Diego.  And YES, you can earn CEU’s for attending this event!

(NEW CEU’s have just been added for the ISSA.)

Please reserve your seat for this Life-Changing event IMMEDIATELY.

Reserve your spot at

I don’t use the phrase “Life-Changing” lightly. Here’s what one attendee,

Catherine Gordon, posted on the TT Forum the other day:

“Can’t wait for the summit. I know this one will be the best ever.  Plus, you can’t beat the neighborhood for restaurants, fun, and shopping, literally right outside the hotel door.

But more important…This time last year, I was teaching 3 small classes a week.

This week we’re doubling our floor space to accommodate the rush of new students we’re getting. I think I’ve followed a tenth of the advice I’ve learned at last year’s summit, but what a difference it has made. If there’s any way you can be there, don’t miss it.” – Catherine Gordon, Certified Turbulence Trainer (I’m doing my best to persuade Catherine to join us on stage and to share some of her success tips.)

Just another reason to join us…

Once you have your spot reserved, you’ll receive hotel information and notification on where to show up for the bootcamp workouts.
See you soon at the event that will help change the fitness industry.

PPS – EARN 1.5 ACE or 1.6 NSCA CEU’s and NEW ISSA CEU’s

Reserve your spot today and you’ll ALSO swipe a steady supply of workout and client attraction strategies that our six and seven-figure fitness business owners are using right now, so that you can deploy them for massive results in your own business.

Reserve your spot at