Fatigue? Pain? Indigestion?  Here’s What Your Body is Telling You…

I have an admission to make. Earlier this year, I started noticing some disconcerting symptoms—fatigue, forgetfulness, lack of focus, anxiety, indigestion, and even some depression.

I found that I was getting colds every month—that is unheard of for me! As a generally happy, vibrant and healthy person feeling this way day in and day out was really getting to me.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt like your body is trying to tell you something?
At first, I felt Fear creeping in… “I don’t have time to be tired, sick, and depressed!!”

Sound familiar?

Rather than get stuck in a state of Fear that would perpetuate a catabolic cycle of pain and suffering, I shifted into Love by getting Curious.

I wondered what my body was telling me. I looked at my symptoms, tracked any patterns I found, and adjusted the areas of my life that were contributing to the barrage of dis-ease I was experiencing.

As a Fitness & Nutrition Therapist, one of my primary aims is to help you become the expert in your own life. I do this by teaching clients to get in touch with the language of their bodies, hearts, and minds.

What do you do when you have a headache? Are constipated? Don’t sleep for several days in a row? Feel overly tired, emotional, or anxious?

Do you pop a pill? Pour a drink? Soothe yourself with food? Push yourself harder? Disregard the symptoms all together?

I used to do all of that and worse. But I have learned a better way that I will share with you next time.

Today, I encourage you to simply get Curious. What is your body is telling you? What words would you use to describe your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms?

Go ahead, become a little scientist in your own life.

Next time we’ll take the information you’ve gathered and apply some tools so you can set yourself free from pain, fear, doubt, anxiety and more!

In Love & Gratitude,

Missi Holt

P.S. Your body has its own way of communicating with you about its needs. It takes time, but you’ll eventually see a pattern and begin to “learn the language” your body is speaking.