Fat Loss Whoosh Effect

Ugh. I hate seeing a post like this in the TT Member’s forum, but it reminded me that not everyone loses 2-3 pounds per week like our Transformation Champions. (But there was good news…eventually our member achieved the controversial, rapid “Whoosh” fat loss effect.)

Here’s what happened…
One member, JDS1971, wrote:

“I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’m a 6’0, 207 pound, 40 year old male. Last summer I used TT to go from 207 to 193, but then I fell off track and gained the weight back.

“I’ve started TT and a strict diet again (Jan. 2) but after 3.5 weeks there’s been no movement on the scale or in my measurements.”

“I’m really discouraged and thought I was doing everything right, but not getting the results as before. I’m even lifting heavier weights than last time.”


We don’t hear this a lot at TT, but I’ll be honest, trouble cases like this pop-up once in a while.  One member, JudgeBill, made an interesting post that foreshadowed what was to come next. JB said:

I tend to go through weight loss bursts – i.e. I’ll lose 2-3 pounds in 2 days, and then level out. Not entirely sure what causes them – it’s not always tied to diet perfection. Keep grinding, and you’ll probably wake up at 200 soon.”

Those fat loss bursts are known as the WHOOSH effect.

Highly controversial and not truly understood, here’s what my friend and extreme fat loss expert John “Roman” Romaniello said to me about the WHOOSH.

“Even the toughest fat loss plateaus eventually experience a ‘WHOOSH’ effect where your body weight rapidly drops. This happens because of a strange biological twist of fate in your fat cells.

“During a regular fat loss program, your fat cells, which normally do not store water, may take in water as the stored triglycerides are burned through diet and exercise.

“This gives the appearance of a fat loss plateau…which then can be broken, rapidly, through a couple of diet tricks. You then experience extreme rapid fat loss at once – thus known as the WHOOSH effect.”

So if you’re struggling, do NOT give up.

You could be one WHOOSH away from rapid results.

And Roman and I will be talking about those WHOOSH triggers all week long.


But back to our TT Member, JDS1971…


Eight days after his initial forum post, JDS was back with this update:

“Well, had my whoosh effect after the change you suggested. I lost almost 4lbs since Friday. Persistence pays off! I also experienced a bit more energy and focus during yesterday’s workout after some of the adjustments.”


And that’s how it goes…when you make small adjustments in your diet and training that can trigger the fat loss WHOOSH.

YOU too can experience the WHOOSH effect, no matter much you are struggling with a fat loss plateau.

Don’t give up.

Just make this a small adjustment.

Details about that to come on Tuesday…

Remember, no matter how much you might be struggling now, you could literally be just one small change away from a big WHOOSH fat loss result.

Stay tuned for more details (and my Turbulence Forever program),

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer