Fat Loss is Easy

I truly believe fat loss is easy…once you understand and accept how difficult it is.

Now you might be thinking, that doesn’t make any sense. And I know, it sounds a little weird, but hear me out. This is what I mean when I say “fat loss is easy”.

If you understand and accept that fat loss requires sacrifice, then you will be psychologically prepared to make that sacrifice. Losing fat requires planning your meals, being consistent with intense workouts, and giving up some of the things in life that you probably don’t want to give up.

fat loss transformation contestOn the other hand, if you think losing weight and burning fat is going to be as easy as a Sunday stroll in the park, then you’re going to have a hard time making progress.

It isn’t easy, but it’s easy. It all depends on the mindset you have.

And here’s a great example of how the right mindset can make almost anything possible. On Saturday afternoon, I went for a workout with one of my “Meathead” clients, Mike.

I’ll tell you all about our workout later this week, but something he said made me think of you and your fight against fat.

As we drove to the gym in downtown Toronto, Mike told me how he had given up alcohol for Lent and he said something very important that echoes my thoughts on the fat loss transformation contest.

Mike said, “It’s only for about 6 weeks. I can do anything for 6 weeks. That’s just the blink of an eye in my lifetime.”

And that’s why Mike is going to succeed. He has accepted the challenge. He understands the difficulty of the journey. But he has also adopted the success mindset and is going to plan and prepare himself to stick with his vow and reach his goal.

female fat lossSo that’s what you must do as well, whether you’re in a weight loss Transformation Contest or not.

Remember – a 12 week Transformation Contest is only 12 weeks long, and that’s only 0.3% of a 75 year life span. Just as Mike says, “It’s a blink of an eye in your lifetime!”

Fat loss is easy – if you understand and accept the difficulty of your task.

Let me know if I still haven’t explained this concept well enough. But once you have the right mindset, then achieving your weight loss goal is as simple as connecting the dots and coloring inside the lines.

You will need to plan, shop and prepare for your meals. And you’ll need to schedule your workouts each week and make sure nothing gets in your way of doing them. That’s it. Easy. It’s adopting the mindset and believing in yourself that is the hard part, but you must do that before you implement your fat burning diet and Turbulence Training workouts.

Let me know if you need help with developing the right fat loss mindset. As you know, social support is the key to weight loss success, and you’ll need to surround yourself with a fat loss team to help you reach your goals.

Once you get and understand this mindset, nothing will be able to stop you. Fat loss will be easy!

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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